A couple of weeks ago, whilst shopping for vests and tights for the kids in Primark, I picked up 2 new slogan tees for myself. For the Bargainous price of £2.50 each it was a right deal! I love a good slogan tee to make a statement and you can’t go wrong with a price tag of £2.50.

I am quite a casual person overall and though I love my accessories and a bit of bling and sparkle, day to day I like to be chilled for busy mum life, school runs and who knows what! Slogan tees to me are a wardrobe staple – especially in warmer weather, but work well too with a chunky cardi during Autumn and Winter too. I wear them with with everything, from all of my jeans to denim shorts, patterned trousers and even with skirts for a more fun and casual approach! Paired with either sandals, boots, trainers or pumps, they are both a stylish and yet practical look for mums on the go and I love that I have 2 new additions to work with, without costing the earth!

I went for the grey “I’m not listening” which made me laugh (and also wish I could get matching ones for the kids – sums them up to a “T” ha). I also loved this yellow one which said “Good Vibes” – so true! It’s a great colour to go with all sorts, and will be nice and bright on sunny days. I am wearing the grey one right now with my funky animal print culottes (New look Sale) and reduced H&M tassel earrings (£3) – paired with my Nike trainers I feel fab, comfy and stylish (and a little smug that it’s all sale stuff paired with a £2.50 Tee).

One of the best thing about slogan tees is you can also wear them with leggings and joggers when lounging about or exercising (not my forte), or (something I am more comfortable with) for bed with Pj bottoms when you get bored of them! To me I love them because they are comfy and bring a bit of attitude to your outfit and day. For only £2.50 you need to get some – make a statement with a new slogan Tee from Primarni – so versatile and chill!


I have wanted a pair of dungarees for a good year or so now and will admit I get a little outfit envy every time they come up on my insta feed. They look so versatile and comfy, and I have been pretty sure that they would change my life for the better as an option for chilled days and school runs! I have spent so much time looking in every sale, but have never been able to quite find a pair that fit well or don’t make me look weird!

I was delighted this Christmas to open this lush pair from ASOS that were given to me as a gift from my mother in law and chosen by my trendy sister in laws (they retail at £42)! It suddenly became clear that my dungaree love would never had been found in the sale – they were right here in front of me from ASOS!

At first I wasn’t sure of the wider leg – I am used to wearing skinny fit jeans and the wider leg initially felt so foreign to me! But, after wearing them all day last Monday, and well into new year, I am well and truly sold! They were comfy, practical and looked fab (even if I do say so myself).

Dungarees are such a practical and comfy outfit choice for mum life. They can be worn with so many things and look cool effortlessly. I initially paired them with my new high neck striped knit top and white pumps  – which was a match made in heaven. The top was a bargain in Primark for £3 (down from £6) and it is another very me and versatile piece for my wardrobe!

I love these dungarees so so much and look forward to wearing them with warm tops, shirts and ankle boots or trainers in the coming weeks and T-shirts and pumps/Sandals in the warmer months. I am converted to dungarees and can see that sometimes, things are just worth the investment!


If you follow me on Instagram, then you will have seen me last week sporting my latest wardrobe addition – a new red animal print dress from Zara. I got it as a surprise gift from Mr Smith for my recent birthday and it’s safe to say that I absolutely LOVE it (he did really well this year)! I was so surprised that he chose something so perfect for me, stylish and also something I am so happy with – it was both exciting and lovely.

Animal print of course is a big trend this Autumn and as someone who adores both colour and animal print, I couldn’t be happier to see it everywhere (I only wish I had more cash flow). I especially love the red animal print mash up and have for a while wanted something in that look. I love the primark polo neck top that has flooded Insta and hoped for that, or something similar to add to my wardrobe. SO, of course when I opened this dress on my birthday I was genuinely grateful and made up!

This dress ticks all the boxes for me; It is comfy and easy to wear, modest and on point. I love the high neck, the below knee.mid calf length and the full sleeves for cool days. The boldness of the colour with the print suits me well and I really like it too – in my opinion it just looks fab and was this aspect of this dress that made me instantly love it.

It is a really flexible dress to wear, which makes it a great investment and addition to my wardrobe. I like that it can be dressy with ankle boots or heels, or casual with leggings/over Jeans. Initially I wore it with black opaque tights and black mules for a chilled yet smart look on remembrance Sunday, but I already plan to wear it with my heeled ankle boots, or with leggings and trainers too. The fact that it’s red means it has the addes bonus of being festive too with the right accessories on a Christmas do!

It’s safe to say you need one too!

This dress is available now in Zara – its a bargain at £17.99 and also comes in other colours and prints too (if you want something more toned down but still on trend!). I am wearing a medium and it fits really well for someone who is a UK 12!

Thanks Mr Smith – I love my new bright red animal print Zara dress of dreams!

Not a sponsored or collaborative post – just sharing the love! 


Pretty much as soon as Summer ends and we hit the back to school stage of life again, I pack up my Summer wardrobe and crack out the Autumn one. In recent years I have enjoyed the feeling that comes with seasonal rotation of my clothes, as it is an opportunity to rediscover old favourites and purge things you have managed with out. Obviously I have a lot of crossover items that remain in my closet, but overall it is rotated September and April time. With really Summery things coming out June time, and big warm Knits/Wintery stuff being introduced around November.

One of my staples in my Autumn Wardrobe, and one thing I look forward to wearing at this time of year, is my array of shirts. They are comfortable, versatile and feel so “me”.

Autumn is definitely one of my favourites style wise (with Winter close behind) as I find with my shirts and sweaters it is super easy to dress for. And as we near the end of this beloved and easy to style season I wanted to share with you my 5 go to favourite shirts that I wear on rotation and just love.

I love them all for various reasons, but mostly because the majority of them are decent brands, and because all of them were sale or charity shops!

My Favourite Shirts of Autumn

Up first is my Zara denim shirt – This was given to me by my younger and very stylish sister in law when we lived with them in the Summer. I love it because it’s Zara, so instantly brings some style to any outfit, and also because it was FREE! It is super comfortable and the light denim wash looks lovely on sunny Autumn days. I love the embroidery and wear it regularly with black skinnies and then either my tan suede ankle boots or pumps.

Also from Zara is my black and orange check shirt. This one was bought in a charity shop this Spring for a couple of pounds and I knew it would look great come Autumn! I call this my posh shirt as it feels a little more classy than the others I wear with the thinner, curved collar and piping down the buttons. This one is great to wear with jeans and ankle boots or knee high boots, and also under my denim dress with tights and ankle boots.

I have had my red Check shirt well over a year now and wear it all the time and through every season! I bought it in a charity shop, again for a couple of pounds and find it super comfy and cosy, I love to wear this with jeans and pumps or my favourite outfit – Black skinnies and black boots! I am a little sad that this one is getting slightly bobbly and worn as a result of lots of wear. But with its cosy fabric and vibrant colour, it will be a long time until we part!

Another checked number is my Levis pinky one with blue! I love this becuase it is super comfy and casual and great for the sunnier days of Autumn (and Spring). Its nicer with my lighter denims and pumps or trainers. When I want a really chill day this is the one I grab! It cost me about 3 or 4 pounds…for a Levi’s shirt – Yes!

My Jack Wills blue shirt is my newest shirt and has quickly made it in to the top 5! I bought this only in September from their pop up outlet store in Hull for £9. I love it because it is very different to any of my others in style and colour and with that it is also one I can wear with more crazy things too (my silver shoes). Like my others it wears well with boots, jeans and pumps day to day, but with its frilly collar, it has the bonus of being able to be dressed up with heeled boots and silvery shoes!

I have other shirts and blouses that I love too, with cool patterns or stripes, and some that are super easy to dress up with heels and funky flats, but these are my go to every day ones. I have realised with putting this post together that it’s only since I entered my 30’s that I can honestly put my hand up and say “Yes I am confident in myself and know my style”. I have gone through so many phases, fads and even copying of others styles through my teens and 20’s (all in an attempt to discover my style) but it’s only now that I feel I know what I look good in and what is cool for my lifestyle!

It is with trying out various styles and trends that has led to me finding “me” and what makes her most comfortable, and that makes me so much happier and more comfortable in my skin!

My style can be a little crazy at times, but so can I, so its a perfect combo. I tend to, in my day to day style as a busy mum, stick to things that are comfortable and casual and these often will have a sporty, glam streak running through them too. I love retro things but I mostly love anything that is rich in colour and patterns. I love to dress up casual things with earrings, scarves and necklaces, and I live mostly in jeans/black skinnes and pumps and boots. So, if it goes with these staples, isn’t too tight and clingy, and overall feels like it’s “me”, then it most definitely is a keeper!

Shirts, especially checked and denim ones I find look stylish, can be worn with pretty much anything and keep “me as a mum” both comfortable and stylish. I love them on their own, under jumpers, open with t shirts, and always with black skinnies or jeans! I love that knowing my style instantly makes me feel more stylish because of the confidence that now comes with that knowledge of who I am. I find it so much quicker to get ready these days because I love everything in my wardrobe and know how to wear it together…. especially my shirts and old favourites!