Whilst frosty fields, log fires and twinkly Christmas light are all very pretty and lovely, they are not enough to make me love Winter! I have realised this year that I don’t like feeling cold and damp. Whilst Winter holds many pretty scenes, delicious hot chocolates, adventures and Christmas – it is still is not my fave, and I would much rather be somewhere warm and sunny rocking my sandals and sunglasses!

I do however like Winter fashion – the whole ankle boots and knitwear ensemble, with a pair of jeans or trousers (or leggings/skirts) is so easy each day and more often than not, a pure winner! I love wearing my wellies with an nice chunky jumper and feeling all warm and toasty as we head out to school. Yes, I have realised I am not a huge winter fan, but with all of the lovely knitwear around at this time of year, it is enough to sway me out!

I have several favourite knitwear pieces in my wardrobe right now, and more recently these have grown to include a beaut of a Zebra print one and a cobalt blue roll neck one – both £13 from Primark, and both really lovely gifts from Mr Smith! I really like how “me” they both are and how snug I feel when wearing them. They are an absolute bargain (as are a lot of the stuff in Primark) and I especially love the long sleeves and length of the blue one (which I know they also have in Green and Red – hello Christmas)!

I like the fluffiness of the zebra one, the fact it’s zebra, and the discreet yellow trim around the higher neck collar. I found that it was so chilled with black skinny jeans and high top trainers the other day for school runs, college and general mum life!

Knitted jumpers are most definitely a winner for me right now!

With this new love of knitwear, I have been keen to see what else is out there (you know, to help me survive the winter!) and I have been pleasantly surprised to discover so many lovely jumpers on the market this season that are totally fab and totally me – wild, vibrant, stylish and chill! I just wanted to share them with you, either as inspo for this season, or generally just to appreciate how lovely they all are!

First up is Topshop – The red and gold is a firm favourite and is currently £39 | The Green Fairisle one is cool but more pricey at £59.00

Next up – ASOS! Asos have so many fantastic jumpers, it was like being a kid in a candy shop scrolling through their site. I also love that most of them are under £25/£30 too, so very affordable! I managed to narrow it down though to these 2 beauts for my wish list. The black and yellow one is quirky and cool | I also really love this rainbow oversized one which is only £25 – who doesn’t want to be rocking that on a dark, damp, wintery day!?

I find that H&M are great for plain jumpers and I have 3 from there that I like, that I have previously bought in sales. However, this season, I am loving this striped one too – its a bargain for only £14.99

New Look isn’t often at the top of my list of shops to go to, but I do occasionally find a few real gems in there too. I am loving this black and white pom pom jumper at the moment – it is £19.99

And then finally ZARA! Zara have some great slogan sweatshirts I have my eye on at the moment, but knitwear wise… this embellished number that is somewhat out of my price range is so gorgeous! Its limited edition and £49.99. I really love it!

I didn’t even look at BooHoo or Shein – both of which I know will probably have more wonderful and bargainous knitwear pieces, but for now I am loving colourful and patterned knits to help me survive theses freezing damp days!


Well, I have a new love in my life peeps! They are these super cool and comfy new sandals I picked up in Lidl this last week (like 3 days ago) and the best part? They were a bargainous £5.99 – I couldn’t believe it and just had to have them.

I have always loved the Birkenstock look and the comfy vibe of this style of footwear for Summer. However, as someone who lives on modest budget I have never felt able to justify the price of buying a real pair for myself (I have high hopes though that I will one day). I therefore have always being drawn to find look a like budget versions that I can live in for Summer and that I can be confident with for my go to shoe! I found some gold ones in Primark around March for our USA holiday and have practically lived in them since. I have had a huge amount of compliments on them, but as a result of daily wear and cheap merchandise, they have been looking pretty worse for wear these days and I have for a little while been hoping for some new sandals to see me through the remainder of the Summer and even into next Summer!

On Tuesday, after a 9.5 mile hike, my sister in law and I found ourselves in Lidl buying 45 ice creams for the girls up at “girls camp” where we were as leaders. As I passed my the middle section – with all of its random bargain buys and weekly offers, I noticed these beauts. As I looked up and noticed their £5.99 price tag, I was stopped in my tracks – I had to have a pair!

They are super comfy, work well with almost everything for this Summer season and I love the subtle pattern on them too.

I am no stranger to Lidl, in fact the trousers in these shots are from there too, which I picked up last Summer for £7. I shop there most weeks for our food shop and always have a scout in their offers as they often have really nice kids and adults clothing for such cheap prices. I am so pleased that I found these £5.99 comfy Summer sandals…they are a reminder that you don’t have to spend a lot to look good and be comfy!

Lidl also had the single strap style and both came in white, black and sparkle silver (if you’re feeling glam!). They are easy to wear and easy on the price strings – my ideal thing!

*This is not a sponsored post – I just love them! 


This Summer I am more than a little skint and so haven’t really had the opportunity to do some major SALE shopping as I would have hoped to. I usually look forward to getting a few new tops and dresses around this time of year to update my wardrobe for Summer and enjoy sale shopping. As I don’t have much surplus cash to spend on these items and because I don’t technically “need” anything, I am trying my best to resist the temptation to check out the ZARA sale (that would most likely be dangerous territory)!!

I couldn’t however hold back from my second fave shop and consequently had a little snoop around H&M last week where I found myself a top and Alice a few 2-3 extras. I have found that from almost all of the shops local to us in Beverley (H&M, Topshop, DP and RI) there are some really great bargains to be had. Here in this post I shall share with you the few things I did end up buying, that were both lovely and very cheap, and that would update mine and Alices wardrobe for Summer!


Sainsburys was my first SALE shopping snoop. A couple of weeks ago in Manchester on our way back from the Bryan Adams concert, I eyeballed it for my orange mules I wanted in the 25% off they had. I also looked in the sale section and found myself a lovely peachy, tie blouse with embroidered flowers – it was £18 and 1/2 price in the sale – a bargain yes, but even more so because it had the extra 25% off! I love it with shorts and skinny jeans!


Supermarkets stock some lovely things that turn out to be complete bargs during sale season, so again I had to have a quick look in George when I was in ASDA 2 weeks ago. I bought Alice some Summer pumps for £3. Unfortunately we now have one missing and I have to go buy her a pair of sandals today!

But for £3, they were good whilst we had them. I am hopeful the other shoe will turn up soon!


By far my weakest spot, I simply love H&M for me and the kids! In this sale I got myself a gorgeous orange Tshirt with ruffle bottom – it was £8.99 to £4 and a Jumper out of the Mens section for £6 from £29.99 I believe it originally was.

I love the top and already have it in black which I bought in the January sales for £3 – I find it super comfy, versatile and a little fancy! The jumper is great because with it being a mens it is longer and the arms are really long… I bought a small and think it will be fab for not only Autumn/Winter with my jeans, but for cooler nights on the beach and hanging out when we go camping. Its ace to throw on over my jeans/shorts and Ts!

For Alice I bought her a pack of long sleeve tops – 1 Black, 1 White – they were down to £2! I also bought her a lovely little blue pinafore for her birthday, complete with white TShirt under. It was a lovely bargain at £4.

River Island

I rarely shop in River Island, but discovered a few bargains today in their Sale. I got myself a long, multi fabric T-shirt with frill detail for £4 from £24 and also a yellow tie waist blouse for £2!! I had my eye on a chunky cardi that was £30 down to £6 but I don’t think that beige really suits me!

In the kids section the deals continued with kids pumps and boots as low as £6, and I almost bought Alice some glitzy pumps, but sadly she threw a hissy fit when I put them anywhere near her! Instead we went for a summery little playsuit that was £4 from £10!

I am really impressed with this seasons sales. There are some huge savings around if you are willing to have a little rummage and, whilst we don’t have a huge amount to spend in them, I am really please with my 4 new tops, jumper and the little outfits I got for Alice! I didn’t do half bad and Mr Smith barely noticed the expenditure 😉 Its a winner!


It’s been a whole 7 days since our epic date night which saw us going to see Taylor Swift live at the Etihad stadium in Manchester.  When going to a concert I always feel like I want to be a bit cool but also comfortable and casual, as obviously there is a lot of sitting and standing (and in my case shaking it)! I also wanted to dress for the season as it was a warm Summer’s evening, and so I decided on my orange shoes, a wide stripe navy and cream shirt, and a pair of high waist skinny jeans. I accessorised with my gold geometric earrings.

My shirt is what one would call vintage. I bought it years ago now in a charity shop for a couple of quid and I don’t know why but it’s just one of those things I find really chill and easy to wear (probably because it’s a linen mix). It’s comfortable and with stripes in clothing being one of my faves, I love the stripes! My jeans are just from primark for like £11 and then my slip on awesome orange shoes are the latest addition to my wardrobe (and this season from Sainsburys), which I picked up when they had 25% off a couple of weeks ago, so were only £12!

I loved the combo of navy and orange… this outfit was easy to wear, travel in, and dance the night away with the hubs!

We bought these Taylor Swift tickets some time around Christmas last year if I remember rightly. Either way it feels like such a long time ago and ages that we have been mega excited about this social event in the calendar! The atmosphere in the stadium was magnificent and not only did we have an amazing time seeing Miss Swift (in some pretty great seats), but we also had the added bonus of a bit of “Havannah”, “Never be the same” and more, by none other than Camila Cabello. Both of them were brilliant live.

The evening was fantastic and quite possibly one of the best concerts I have been to! Taylor Swift songs are really meaningful and generally joyful and fun to dance to. Hearing her live though reminds you of how she is such an incredible artist and performer. I found her to be really passionate, funny and genuine. I love her variety and the attitude behind some of her newer songs, and from start to finish it was filled with surprises, astonishing things and it blew us away.

I think one of my favourite things about it (aside from hearing so many of my faves live), was the infamous wrist bands you receive upon arrival to the stadium. Each person gets one and when Taylor comes on stage it activitiates it. For the remainder of the show our wristbands were flashing in coordination with the stage lighting and music. As you can imagine with so many thousands of people all lighting up and dancing around the stadium, it was spectacular and beautiful.

Going to this concert was such a surreal experience and I was glad to share it with Nath. She had such an incredible set, fireworks, giant snakes and a brilliant band/backing dancers. I loved it so much (we both did) and I hope I always remember the fun we had that night together seeing Taylor Swift Live, in my orange shoes and that old lady stripe shirt!