When I was little, and would have a sick day from school, I remember how snuggly it felt to lay on the sofa with my quilt at home with my mum whilst my sisters were at school. Almost as if by tradition, I would then enjoy (but not too much – I was sick!) a lovely warm bowl of tomato soup! I loved it, and from then on it has been a firm fave of mine. Whenever it was a soup day for lunch, I always opted for tomato whilst my older sister had the chicken, and now when I hear the Heinz Tomato Soup adverts I get all warm and fuzzy inside remembering how comforting those days were!

I have recently shared this little love with my own kids, and it was seen on our lunch menu a couple of times over half term, and for that reason I write this post about the ordinary moments of enjoying warming a bowl of tomato soup!

Megan was the first of my kids in a new generation to have a bowl of tomato soup on a sick day. Remembering how great I used to feel I wanted to pass that on in my parenting and hoped she would embrace it. She did, and much to my detriment I suppose, she spent the next few days saying she wanted to stay at home always because lunch is “sooooo yummy”! Of course Ethan never wants to miss out so I promised we’d have it for lunch during half term, and of course we did.

We’re not as fancy as to keep the Heinz tins in our cupboards, especially when Lidl have a rather tasty one for 30+ pence a tin, but it is most certainly a staple at this time of year. I absolutely love making my own soups (carrot and coriander is a speciality) but with the nostalgia and pure yuminess of it, there’s something wonderful about cracking open a tin of tomato soup and sharing it with your little ones. We love to dunk in some bread and butter, and then comes my favourite part – I love to see their little soupy moustaches and stained chins!

I love to remember those ordinary moments with my mum, or my sisters, and our family generally… enjoying a delicious bowl of tomato soup after a family hike or on a sick day. It is something so cheap, so simple and yet it is something I love and remember with fondness. I hope when my kids are grown and left home, they too will remember these small little ordinary moments (as well as the big ones), when we sat around the breakfast bar on a chilly Autumn half term day, dunking in our bread and enjoying tinned soup together!


The Ordinary Moments

Megs is the second child and so hasn’t had a lot of opportunity to have me to herself. As a tot we had Thursdays & Fridays together whilst E went to preschool and would have lunch out one day, swimming, shopping, peppa pig sessions or she would have a nap and I would clean/chill out (Get in) I don’t really feel bad about it or that we’ve missed anything, she’s never known anything other than having her brother (whom she adores) and seems most content with her little life, we have an excellent relationship (until I tell her off) and a great bond that has developed with ease. I definitely  feel I have her figured out now and she and Ethan both bring me great Joy, try me and enhance life.

Last Monday, out of character, she awoke suddenly at 3am screaming her head off. When you reach the stage where they are almost always sleeping through, the broken nights are certain to shock the system! She was emotional, hot and VERY clingy and as a result it meant that she wasn’t up for pre school that day, instead we took Ethan and then spent the day together.
Mummy and Megs

She fancied a walk, so we went around the local reservoir with my friends and then I asked if she wanted to go to lunch with them (she did), she was such a sleepy head the whole day, perking up occasionally after a dose of calpol. I still to this day don’t know what it was, but she didn’t eat barely anything all day, which is so NOT like her and instead opted for sleep and lots of cuddles.
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Whilst I felt bad that she wasn’t well, she didn’t let it stop her and I loved having the opportunity for a little a girly day and some one on one with the Megster! She spent the day in her onesie and soaked up all of the attention from my friends and loved the sympathy from everyone when we went to pick up E! I loved this day with her, casting aside anything ordinary like the laundry, cleaning, meal prep and made memories, stronger bonds and a new ordinary moment having some time with my little lady,