When Words Are Your Reality (Baby Loss Awareness week 2020)
Christmas Singing, Last Christmas & Taco Bell!
Poppy’s 5th Birthday
Back To School | Preschool, Year 3, Year 4 & a milestone missed!
Alice Turns 3
Baby Loss – A Dad’s perspective (#findingyourway2019)
Four Minus One Is Still Four!
Baby Loss Awareness Week 2018 | “My Loss Then & Now”
Poppy’s 4th Birthday
I have PTSD (and it finally makes sense)!
Coping With Sadness!
The Pain of Pregnancy Announcements
Rediscovering me, and Discovering my place
The Magnifying Effects of Mothers Day!
The Gift of Flowers
Another Christmas without you…
“Hello little one” – Framing my loss
Baby Loss Awareness Week – 2017
The Twilight Saga Round 2!
Parenting After Loss – 11 Months
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