The kids rooms, whilst lovely at the moment, also stress me out! I feel I am forever trying to find the balance between practical and looking good/a bit trendy, and also being playful but not too cluttered too!

If you’re looking to give your kid’s bedroom a makeover this season, then it might be useful to be aware of the trends that are big right now, as well as the ones that are timeless. I always love glam, colour and patterns in my interiors, but you may be in need of a little inspiration if like me you have a million ideas but cannot ever settle on just one! As a side note, I do always find that more plain decor and bringing out themes in soft furnishings and accessories for kids, are a way to better switch and change between trends and our kids ever changing interests! 

 The great news is that there’s plenty of inspiration to be found online (especially Pinterest) and in this post I wanted to look at some of the trendiest kids’ bedroom design ideas right now that you might want to consider this season to update their rooms.

Add a velvet touch

OK, so this trend isn’t very practical if you have very young and sticky children, but for an older kids’ bedroom, velvet is definitely something to consider.Just this week I have been eyeing up some lovely velvet curtains in H&M It’s one of the key interior trends this year, adding a more glamorous and elegant touch to your kids’ room.

You could keep it simple and opt for velvet cushions, throws or curtains. But, if you have the time and resources, then live on the edge a bit and go all out and add velvet to the walls!

Another way to bring this classy trend into the room, is by adding a velvet sofa (if you have the space of course) and Homesense have some great kids ones! This is an especially great idea for older kids as they’ll have a more grown up space to relax in with their pals! 

Consider wall panelling?

If you’re looking for an idea that’s both practical as well as super-trendy, consider using wall panelling. This is extremely durable, making it an ideal wall cover for any age and it’s also great for sticking posters onto it. The blu-tac won’t leave unsightly marks behind, so your kids could go nuts decorating with minion, unicorn or their fave star, without the worry of damaging the walls.

Opt for 1950’s glamour

This is by far one of my favourite interior styles (though I do not pull it off very well). It is also one of the more unusual trendy kids room designs featuring heavily this year. 1950’s glamour is great for those who have an older house with a more traditional style décor. Think 1950’s Hollywood style glamour and silhouettes with curved shapes. So, if you wanted to incorporate it into the kids rooms, it could be through a nursery chair with a curved design, or old-fashioned wooden chairs and a table. It is a bit out there for some, but you’d be surprised how many kids actually enjoy this trend.

The nature theme

Another theme that’s remained popular for a few years now is nature and my friend and I were recently discussing this / a camping theme for her sons room. It’s thought that millennial parents may be sparking the trend as they look to escape from the highly technological environment they’ve grown up in.

With a nature theme, it’s basically all about natural materials such as wood and natural textiles too.There are so many lovely nature inspired wall papers or paint colours, meaning it’s one of the easiest themes to go with if you’re looking for something that won’t take too much effort. Start by investing in all-wooden furniture such as wooden cribs, drawers and beds and neutral earthy colours. 

Trendy kids’ bedroom themes are pretty varied, so no matter what your own personal style and preferences are, there’s hopefully an idea above to suit you and your kids.

*Collaborative Post – images taken from Pinterest


A couple of months ago I moved the kids back into their own rooms to try and solve the humongous mess they were creating together, and because we were at our whits end at bed time with them both because it literally was an absolute nightmare!!

Megs surprisingly likes to be peaceful sometimes with her soft toys and books and seemed irritated at not being able to do her own thing and have her own space to do this, we had also noticed that she liked to sleep in longer than Ethan and that he had been waking her early and this wasn’t good during the day for any of us (hello meltdowns) … so as a win for all parties I spent an afternoon back in the summer sorting stuff and made a lovely little space in the 3rd bedroom for a 3 year old girl! The room was being used as a study/ storage area, but it was perfect for our little princess and both kids have loved having their own space and dibs on their stuff! Life has been great – we still have mess, but it is far more controlled!
11242202_10153151526546553_4136448550726387111_nWhilst this restored Joy once more and solved several major problems, it created one that we couldn’t ignore – where do we put our resident student to study for his final year?
Student banner
Nath has always had a thing about having a desk in the house and it just hasn’t really ever gone anywhere that worked, but as its not just my house and my way, we have had it in various places and whilst yes, it has driven me nuts, it stayed…until we moved it out for Megs a few weeks ago! (Hallelujah)

Recently though, as September rolled around, I realised that we couldn’t escape the fact that he needed a desk and a place for his files and books to help him in his studies. He understood though that for me it also needed to fit with the decor this time so that it didn’t stress me out or become an eyesore. We are constantly learning the compromises that come with being married and wanting to accomplish our individual goals.

The obvious place seemed our bedroom and so after many chats and Pinterest searches, we have worked on and off over the last few weeks to make it work to accommodate a study area for Nath.
beforeWe went with a simple (cheap) table, picture shelf and unit from Ikea. And then used an identical unit at my side of the bed to tie it in. I moved my silver mirror downstairs (which looks better) and put a simple white one up to fit in with all the white furniture we had introduced.
WP_20151005_10_56_27_ProWP_20151005_10_52_12_ProTo top it all off as a little reminder of how well we have pulled together over the last few years, how much we adore one another and how we always compromise in the end… I made a print for the wall that I saw again on Pinterest, to fill the space where the mirror was over the fireplace.
InstagramCapture_fa3ae1b4-a030-4a2e-9203-e02a0b3e0221I feel this space is a happy one now…I have my make up area, space to relax and have all of my things easily accessible, and Nath has his area to study and space to achieve and keep all of his tat (jokes)!
InstagramCapture_caed1e3b-cd0f-4fa5-8369-7287c0599837Together we have a relaxing bedroom and place filled with love that makes us happy to be in together. Here’s hoping it stays that way for the next year!

P.S – Note his bedside table that DOESN’T match – He sees nothing wrong with it and after well over a year of asking, he won’t let me paint it and add funky knobs or replace it for something that goes…ssseeeessshhhh man…but that’s another battle for another day! 


We bought our house about 4.5 years ago – we live in a 3 bed back to back terrace which is nothing glam but we’re south facing, have a reasonable sized garden, big rooms and its OURS! Of course I would love nothing more than to have a hallway and dining room but its a sacrifice you make for your hubs to study and to invest in the future. We both loved the house when we bought it, but now we are ready for a change and this home holds some sad memories and lacks the space we both would like. I don’t really know why, I guess its money but we have done very little in the way of decorating and home improvements in the last 4 years or so.

We painted the kitchen shortly after moving in and the made over the lounge last year, shortly after that we bought a second hand corner sofa and some more storage. I recently added some home made cushions to it and I am very content to be able to say it now feels homely.
WP_20150413_20_22_09_Pro WP_20150413_20_22_52_Pro
These small things have caused me to want to do up some other areas of the house and add some colour and generally make it more me. Whilst we don’t have a huge excess of cash to completely redo the bathroom or Kitchen, it doesn’t cost a lot to add a little splash of colour and to have a move around/de-clutter certainly does one the world of good. Easter weekend seemed like a fine opportunity to do just that (add a splash of colour) and so on good Friday I waved off Nath and the kids for the night/Saturday and got cracking on brightening up our home in a hope to brighten life a little and make it a little more me and a little nicer to look at. I love bright things, I love colour and I wonder how I have lived for the last 4.5 years with such a dull home.

I chose a lovely yellow on offer from Wilko’s at £10/tin for the landing and bathroom 

bathroomWP_20150413_12_47_34_ProlandingI really love this family tree pic that Naths cousin made us after we lost Poppy, it has us all as owls and then there is one small owl with a halo, its so discreet but a representation of our family unit and now it has pride of place on the landing for all to see
WP_20150404_17_47_49_ProAnd teal in our room, which only cost £4 a tin whooooooppppp!!! (Again from Wilko’s)
WP_20150413_19_30_52_Pro WP_20150413_19_25_08_Pro WP_20150413_19_27_19_ProIts not perfect as I’m not exactly the best decorator, and these pics were just taken from my phone, but its deffs made a vast improvement for us and we love it. Its amazing how nice your home can look with a splash of colour and what you can do on a budget.


Go on…add some colour to your life!


Crayons, Biro, felt tips, paint and permanent marker – We’ve had it all in various places around the house on doors and walls. Unfortunately so have some other members of the family members; Grandma found lots of Biro and one Aunts home was destroyed with mascara!!! I know exactly which one of them has done what by the style…Meg’s being 2 its scribble central and Ethan usually does an “X marks the spot” (because apparently there’s treasure everywhere) or cute little people. I know this is a very ordinary phase that a lot of kids go through but its flipping annoying! As much as I love to see them being creative and expressing themselves I do not want it all over the house…My newly painted lounge walls are covered in various scribbles up to about 2ft high that now need to be re-painted and it does my head in when I see it which then will often brings out cross mummy, which of course noone likes to see (or hear)!!!

scribbleAfter the Mascara episode at my sister in laws and a lot of embarrassment, an upset child that had to leave the party early and a desperate mother (me) I couldn’t shift the thought of “there must be a solution to this?”. After a few weeks there seems to have been one for us now. The same Sis In law has a chalk wall in her home and the kids love it…that’s it I thought, give them a wall of their own to draw on and the rest are mine! So last weekend Nath took the kids to his mums over night (I joined them later on) and I got some much needed decorating done around the house…including a massive chalk wall in their room. The paint was pretty cheap in Wilko’s and it took about 20mins to do – they love it and so far the drawing on other walls has subsided. The one thing I didn’t think about is there is still tacky woodchip in their room from the previous owners, which Im in no rush to try and get off so the chalk wall is on the bumpy side, which seems to not be a problem to them…just pretty noisy for us and quite funny!

WP_20150404_17_59_04_Pro WP_20150412_08_00_27_Pro WP_20150412_08_00_41_Pro