Following what had been a lovely sunny and long bank holiday weekend (spent on the coast and submerged in the beauty of where we live), this week turned all rather dramatic really, with the focus being mostly on Mr Smith and his neck injury!

It all began on Tuesday, when on his way to work, someone went into the back of him at the bottom of a rather steep hill and consequently caused some damage to our car, and whiplash to his neck! We spent pretty much all day Wednesday at A&E in Hull, where after an initial consultation he was referred to the X-ray department. From here he was sent for an MRI, and then 7.5 hours later he was finally given the all clear to go home and rest (with painkillers). The remainder of the week saw me carrying on as normal, doing more of the driving, and ensuring his comfort.

Grateful For… 

At the top of the list this week would be that I am truly grateful for the NHS – free healthcare and being able to get such good service is a huge blessing in life. Especially when my eyes were opened on our recent trip to America as to how much it would all be privately! With that I am also so incredibly grateful for a fit and health hubby who will have no long term damage! The whole A&E situation did have me concerned for a while that he possibly could have nerve damage, but thankfully it’s only a strain and with physio (starting this week) he is going to be just fine!!

I am also grateful for lots of sunshine, a bank holiday weekend, country walks with the family and lunch dates at the park!

Succeeded At…

Handing in my second unit for college. This one was all about the theories of counselling, and whilst rather interesting, I was relieved to see the back of it! I only have 3 more units and a case study to do before finishing my diploma at the end of June – all of which are significantly smaller than these first 2! I am hopeful I will pass, and as I have not completed anything academic in years, it is all rather exciting and feels great!

I also succeeded at doing an online shop! I’ve done them loads before and I prefer it purely because I know it’s usually cheaper and easier all round. I have said for a while we should just have our shopping delivered now to save time and keep us in budget. But then I often forget to do it and end up buying far too many extras when I head to LIDL, and I spend far too long browsing and just waste time! This week however I remembered, and yesterday our weekly shop came – later than hoped but complete and in budget nonetheless – Hoorah!

Found Beauty In…

On bank holiday Monday we enjoyed a lovely local hike with my parents and one of my sisters and her kids. It was about 5.5miles in total, and the whole thing was beautiful. It is in moments like that, when I am stood in wide open spaces illuminated by the sun, that I have to pause and catch my breath – always in complete awe and appreciation of how blessed we are to live in such a gorgeous corner of the country! We have been here almost a year now, and I am still amazed at how lovely our village and surrounding areas are – I feel thankful for the beauty all around me – It brings great joy to my soul!

What has brought you joy and gratitude this week? let me know in the comments! 

Adventure is a favourite word of mine these days; it sums up both life and marriage perfectly, and as we hit our 7th wedding anniversary last week we can certainly say it has been just that. To celebrate we found ourselves exploring North Yorkshire on a proper outdoor adventure together and it was fabulous! I love nothing more than a good adventure with my love (Mr Smith) and an opportunity to be away from everyday life together. I love it when we discover new places to unwind in picturesque settings…an opportunity to reflect on where we are and what our goals are for the future together and as a family. It was gorgeous and we had a wonderful time.

FullSizeRender (30)

7 years is traditionally associated with “Copper” and I have loved the tradition we set for ourselves in Year 1 to celebrate not through gifts that can easily be damaged or disposed of, but by an activity around that theme where we can create memories, bond, have fun and date! Our searches for a copper themed anniversary adventure lead us the Copper Beech glade set in the beautiful grounds of Markington Hall near Ripon and Harrogate.

We wanted a night away but we wanted to stay in Yorkshire – I am quite passionate about living here and know there are so many gorgeous places to be discovered, not to mention it makes babysitters easier to access with family here too. I considered the Copper mines of Wales but then why when we have such lovely places to discover in Yorkshire?

Owned by the most delightful couple “William and Julie” it was certainly one of those gems we have been dreaming of finding, and it ticked all of the boxes for us as a place to stay…its surrounding towns are oozing with history, and set in the beautiful North Yorkshire scenery, it was not only an adventurous place but has an air of Romance and tranquillity too!

20161026_081045FullSizeRender (36)FullSizeRender (35)

We stayed in “Bella”, a Romany gypsy caravan and it was absolutely brilliant, something I would certainly recommend to be added to your bucket list. With fresh linen and towels they were clean and well maintained and after the initial chill of an autumn night, the beds were comfy and cosy. The glade has everything you would need for a night or 2’s glamping with a shower, outdoor cooking facilities, an eco toilet, fire pit and a lodge with a few more home comforts! Upon arrival there was a lovely welcome hamper filled with fresh bread, free range eggs, crisps, juice, milk, and marshmallows. They had a selection of teas, coffee and hot chocolate stocked in the lodge along with herbs and spices, Eco friendly wash products and board games. It was beautifully simple.

FullSizeRender (32)IMG_20161023_18023820161026_081115

We enjoyed the fun and simplicity of cooking on an open fire, hot chocolates and scrabble in the lodge, a little wander around the grounds and cosying up together by the fire whilst toasting marshmallows and chatting about anything and everything. We loved the sounds of nature and seeing mother nature clothed in all of her autumnal beauty, and then we laughed so much as we found our way across the glade by torch light to get to bed.

The following morning I wish I could say we enjoyed a lie in, but miss Alice (our little tag along) ensured we were up with the birds, and so whilst I fed and saw to her, Nath built a fire and fried some eggs over it. It was absolutely gorgeous and very romantic to sit under the trees in the morning sun enjoying a simple breakfast of eggs and toast, knowing so much had gone into it whilst listening to the birds and sounds of the outdoors.

FullSizeRender (33)FullSizeRender (34)

The trip was complete with a lovely day in Ripon visiting the prison and workhouse museum (not romantic but super fun all whilst taking “copper” to a new level) and a costa lunch! It was the perfect little break away, such an adventure yet filled with peace and an air of magic too – and it was much needed! We both absolutely loved taking this little Yorkshire adventure together and it confirmed to us that we don’t have to venture far to escape the cares of everyday life!

FullSizeRender (31)

When I said yes to marrying Nathan and “I do” in front of all of our family and friends 7 years ago I don’t think I ever imagined what that meant or what I was signing up for. I don’t mean that as any level of criticism towards him or implying he is hard to live with, in fact living with him is usually the easy part, but we have chatted a lot over the last week or so about the fact that when you agree to stay together and love one another in sickness and in health, and in good times and bad you never imagine how the future will challenge and test that.

We are both grateful though for the way we have pulled together and have relied on one another during the harder times in our marriage and that we have come together in difficulty instead of pulling away. Its nice to know that it has built us and that we haven’t lost our spark or sense of humour in the process.

Copper is a strong metal that cannot be torn like paper or cloth, it is more valuable than fruit, wood or Iron and it is ductile and soft, pretty much like how at 7 years we are way more adapting to one another and after what we have been through it would be hard to break us now…it also conducts electricity and heat (no explanation needed)!! So whilst I still trip over his size 12 shoes I have asked him hundreds of times to shift, or that I still have to remind him to do things I just remember. Whilst we still at times get annoyed by one another, at 7 years I can honestly say that I love him more than ever, still feel butterflies when he holds my hand or kisses me, and he still continues to makes me laugh.

I love that we are living life’s adventures together.

1 baby gone too soon, 2 houses, 3 nutty kids in our home, 4 years of student life, 5 countries explored together, 6 old banger cars that have been the bane of our lives and 7 years of being married to my best friend! What a lovely retreat to celebrate and reflect on this venture.


If you like the idea of celebrating around the traditional themes here are the 1st 10 years, any more you will have to google it haha…

1st = Paper
2nd = Cotton
3rd = Leather
4th = Fruit & Flowers
5th = Wood
6th = Iron
7th = Copper or Wool
8th = Bronze or Pottery
9th = Pottery or Willow
10th = Tin or Aluminium

*Disclaimer: Our stay at copper beech glade was complimentary in return for an honest review. All thoughts, pictures and opinions are my own. 

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