Haliborange are the UK’s number one children’s supplement brand! Loved and trusted for generations, they are specifically tailored to support a healthy diet and lifestyle according to your child’s individual nutritional needs.

The supplements in the range offer a selection of great tasting flavours, including; orange, blackcurrant, strawberry or citrus. There is something for each individual child and each product carried a money back taste guarantee!

We are in the process of trialling a selection to see what we think here at Smith HQ (review to come), but whilst we make our way through that, how would you like to win your own supply?? Like I’m talking a 3 month supply as well as a fun Little Miss/Mr Men back to school bundle!

Whether your kids are starting school, or heading back after a Summer of adventure and fun, Haliborange would like to offer one lucky reader an exciting opportunity to WIN a unique prize bundle…


It includes a Mr Men or Little Miss Pencil case, Lunch box, Water Bottle and 3 months supply of Haliborange vitamins. Simply follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter below. GOOD LUCK!!!


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Whilst bed times lately have been rather stressful and tough (thank you light nights), there is always a brief moment which we all look forward to and feels calm and happy, it is Bed time story time! The kids love it, they are always so engrossed, happy and chilled. I love the nights I get to read them as I thoroughly enjoy doing an array of voices and building up the suspense! For these few minutes it always feels so lovely to be a parent!
We were recently sent a lovely little book called “The Lost Smile” from Wrigley’s Extra and the kids have been eager to read it and see what it was all about!


Wrigley’s Extra maybe the last people you would expect to be producing kids books, but according to research kids smile up to 400 times a day and many UK kids are embarrassed to because of their teeth. To help this, and what I love about this book is that it was created to help raise funds for action for children via their new “Smile Back Project”  to help give kids their smiles back through the biggest oral health campaign. It is a lovely little book about “Kyle” who notices the lack of smiles on his families faces and so sets out to find them, and this really made me think about how much kids notice our grumpy days or how sadness affects them when they are used to seeing fun, happy parents. It also draws attention to this issue that people are awkward about smiling due to the condition of their teeth!


It was easy to read and kept their attention (they were silent through out) and has lovely illustrations. The simple and easy content gave us lots to talk about and both of them loved the little adventure; Ethan’s favourite being the ‘on the moon’ pages and Megs when he made ‘lost posters’.


The lost Smile is available for purchase at £3.99 with all funds raised through its sale going towards supporting the work of Action for Children and the Oral Health Foundation, but if you would like to take your chances and win a copy of this to enjoy with your kids then please enter below…

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With all of the hiking antics and recovery of last week I failed to mark and acknowledge in some way that my blog turned 1! AHHHHHHHHH I cannot believed I have been blogging for a whole year – its nuts! Its had several “re vamps”, increased in following, been short listed for an award and connected me with amazing people all over the world. THANK YOU to all of my followers old and new, without you reading, liking and commenting, I would have no audience to share it all with so thank you!

I still feel like a little newbie blogger, though after a year I don’t think I am anymore? I still don’t really get the whole code thing and still mastering some social media sites that blogging has led me to use more, but over all I absolutely LOVE to write it, share our story and record the highs and lows of our roller coaster life. I love the people it has connected me with, blogs I have found that say it so perfectly they could’ve taken it from my heart and I generally love the online banter.

Its quite emotional to think that when I set my blog up it was to share Poppy’s journey and our struggles to come to terms with her diagnosis and battles and journey for care. I am tearful to think that it has meant so many got to know a baby they never met and that her legacy can live on through my words and experiences.
Share2014-11-04-2db5ca0c4f66450f6aef1acea4ed4dbe393540e853127992e422c129f33ffb82-Picture (1)I love how it has evolved to a place where I can openly share the lows, raw emotions and heartache of loosing my baby and hopefully teach others how it feels to be on this road. I love how it has also become a reflection of our crazy, beautiful and fun family life.  I feel weird to say “Im a blogger” but I am and I love to blog – it is my most favourite new hobby. It may or may not in the future lead to work, opportunities, experiences or whatever else “professional bloggers” do and whilst I do not rule those things out it is not my main goal and focus or reasons for blogging. If blogging leads me to that I will (if it feels right) jump on it im sure, but right now it makes me happy to share our life with the world, have a place my kids can see a true record of their childhood with all of the feelings, emotions and adventures captured in one spot and writing it down is helping me heal, deal with and accept what has happened. I write and capture our story, I share our emotions and all angles of our family life and if anyone wants to jump on board they are most welcome – but either way, despite the tough, painful days we are living the dream!

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In celebration of my blogs 1st birthday I would love to give one lucky reader a very happy (un)birthday pressie and make your life a little more “hearty”! Iv’e chosen a few things that make me happy to brighten your summers day so …Just enter below for your chance to win my fave summer scent “pink grapefruit” from The Body Shop (Body scrub, shower gel and body sorbet), 2 pouches of chocolate (because lets face it – choc is whats helped me survive all this) and a mini “Pain au raisin” Yankee candle – Everything you need to unwind and feel good (just click on the rafflecopter link below)!!! Thanks for following and thanks for supporting 🙂 xxxJune_Customer_Special_Square

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