Flowers speak so many things don’t they? They are a gift of love, of appreciation, of condolences and comfort, of congratulations, and generally just to make a room more pretty. I love receiving flowers because they make me feel thought of and always look so lovely and they never fail to make me smile however big or small!

But for me having fresh flowers in my life and home are more than just something I hope for on special occasions, rather they are one of my must haves for a feeling of joy and well being in daily life! They are a weekly (or fortnightly) gift to myself to brighten my home and lift my mood. I have my favourites (Tulips), but whatever flowers they are, provided they are fresh, they bring much loved colours and happiness to any corner of my home and life.

I often get messages from people asking what they can do for Mothers who sadly have lost their babies. I always find it so touching that they want to do something (anything), just to let them know they are thought of and loved at such an awful time! Whilst I have a whole post worth of ideas for this (yet to be published), I often want to also remind the friends and family of bereaved parents that help initially is always there in abundance, but it’s as time moves on that it’s also important you reach out. It’s a journey that you need to be in for the long run, because often as time passes, naturally people begin to forget that year after year there are certain dates that just make it all raw again. They forget that one of the “biggies” each year where support is needed is always Mother’s day!

Mother’s day is such a lovely day when you have kids around you or in your life. It’s so exciting to get the homemade cards, the bunches of flowers, chocolates, smellies, treats or Jewellery. It’s a beautiful, heartwarming thing to be remembered and shown appreciation for the love and work you put into raising a family and keeping a home.

But what about the mothers without their kids? The ones that never got to bring their babies home? Where is their acknowledgement and appreciation on a day dedicated to Mothers?

Give the Gift of Flowers

Flowers are a great gift at any time of year, they are a fantastic gift for our mothers, and especially as a gift to a mother without her child on Mother’s day. This date in the year for bereaved mothers is one of dread and anxiousness. Its another reminder of what they are missing, and it’s a day that feels really hard. Yes they are a mother…deep in their hearts every single day, but on the surface to the world they are seemingly not. It’s a day that screams to them “you have no child here… you don’t get to mother that baby”! For them mothers day lacks the hand drawn pictures and cards from your child, the scribbling name next to the others and the lovely treats chosen by the little ones. For them there is no acknowledgement of what it means to be a mother.

They miss out on the gifts, the cards and the brunch. But most importantly they are missing out on the little hands around their necks and gentle kisses on their cheeks – they are missing every tear, “I love you”, and cuddle that comes with being a mother.

My suggestion to anyone reading this, that knows of a mother that is facing mother’s day without their baby, is to send them something. Yes…why not send them a gift? And something so easy is a gift of flowers. You can order from the comfort of your home, with a personalised message and send them anywhere in the country or world even!

By sending a gift of flowers to a mother on Mother’s day you are acknowledging who she is on a day that seems more than ever to remind her of what she has lost. You are sending colour to her life and a vase of happiness to her home. It shows her that she is thought of, and her child is remembered! It brightens her home and lifts her heart, and helps her to take comfort in the knowledge that she and her child are not far from thoughts of others (as is sometimes the case in everyday life).

They are gift that will instantly lift the mood of the person you have sent them to, and bring positive emotional feelings to their day as you say “I remember who you are – Happy Mother’s day”!

Prestige Flowers have as many varieties of Mother’s day bouquets as there are mothers, so you are bound to find the perfect thing for that special mummy! They can be ordered in advance or last minute, and my favourite thing – they have some great offers on including Free Vases or Chocolates with some of their bouquets, and £10 -15 off some of them too.

So whether it is for your own mother, the mother of your kids, or a friend or relative that might be struggling this Mothers day because of loss – Why not send them a bright and beautiful gift of flowers right to their door. Let them know they are remembered this year, and help them feel acknowledged as a mother this mother’s day!

I am still very much enjoying the stunning bouquet that was sent to me last week with a few additions of a bear, vase and chocolates! When I saw them sat on my front step it was such a joyful delivery and has brought a lot of happiness to my home each time I see them – it made me think of all of those mother’s that might not get this this year!

*In Collaboration with Prestige Flowers


I have mentioned before on here, but we don’t tend to make a massive thing of Valentines between Nath and I. We see it as just a bit of fun, and therefore usually buy each other a soppy or flirty card, and then a cheapo gift with some cheesy slogan on it. Our budget every year is always £5 max and we welcome how inventive that enables us to be in sharing our love through a gift.

I usually end up with some tulips (which are my faves) and chocolate of some description with a reason why he bought it (Eg, Milky Way stars with “You’re out of this world amazing”)! I of course enjoy the challenge of being creative, and making him some cute and fun love notes on a treat, and have in the past given him anything from a bag of chocolate bars to a pack of muffins saying “You’re such a Stud muffin”! Like I say – It’s just a bit of fun and it always makes each other smile.

We use the day now (since having kids), as an opportunity to teach our kids about dating and take them out on a family date somewhere special. We big it up and give them a little treat each, and then reserve the evenings for us to have a sneaky dinner date from M&S (or take out) whilst watching a Rom Com! We have had some lovely dates with them for Valentines and is a tradition we really enjoy.

We used to have a goal of going away together but with the more kids we had this kinda fell by the way side and we felt it better to turn it into a family event of love, which is working wonderfully whilst we share our love in our own way.

In true thrifty style I have been on the look out for lovely things to get for Valentines that are under £5, so I though as a bit of fun (and just in case you too want some frugal gift ideas), I would share them with you on the lead up to V-Day!

Valentines Gift Ideas under £5

M&S Sweets 

When I saw these sweets in M&S last week I literally jumped for Joy. I instantly felt they had stepped right out of my mind! Nathan and I will be getting them for the kids as we thought they were so cute, but for £2.50 each they make for a lovely little gift for a loved one.

Glasses and posh pop

I saw these glasses in Poundland for £1 each and thought they were really lovely. Whilst they go with nothing else in my kitchen I still had to have them and think they would be great for a date night tradition. Why not buy a couple with a bottle of something lovely and write a letter to your loved one about how they fill up your heart with sweet fizzes!

Love Frame and some chocs!

I love this little frame I found in Asda on Tuesday and thought it would make a lovely gift for someone with a special picture in it and perhaps a £3 box of chocolates or even £1 ones from the pound shop. They had it in 2 different colours but I loved the pink and gold.

I am going to find a picture of me and Nath from back in the day to put in the lounge on our soon to put up picture rails!

Chocolate gift basket with slogans

I did this for one of the first years of us being married and Nathan loved it. I bought loads of chocolate bars and then wrote a love note on each one and popped them in a little basket. I believe he still has the notes, though the chocolate of course is long gone!

Reeces Pieces – Love you to Pieces
Galaxy – You are the best in the Galaxy
Maltesers – You are such a tease!
Peanut M&Ms – I am nuts about you
Wispa – I want to Wispa sweet nothings to you
Mars – I’d go to Mars and back to show you how much I love you
Starburst – My heart bursts for joy each time I see you

I know I had a few others but I can’t remember them!


Posh or not this makes for a lovely little gift for a loved one or crush! Buy them a pack of doughnuts from Krispie Cremes and slap on “Doughnut what I’d do without a hubby like you”! (Or Boyf, Girl friend, Wifey etc).

And then of course the one I already mentioned. I bough Nathan some Chocolate chip muffins from the bakery and left them with a card that said “You are such a stud muffin!” – He LOVED it!


Whilst the old cliche of valentines, these always go down a treat! A traditional rose can be picked up cheaply and most supermarkets are doing boxes of Thorntons and other lovely chocolates for about £3.

Shopping in Aldi or Lidl, you can buy bunches of Roses, Tulips and other lovely flowers for about £3 and then maybe give them with a big bar of Galaxy or like their favourite pouch of chocolates. Use my slogan idea to make it more cute and fun!

Dates for the year 

This is a gift that barely costs anything and yet is rather romantic and shows commitment. Making a little box or envelope with monthly dates inside of it to give to your love shows how much you are thinking of them and that you want to set time aside to do these things with them.

You could include; The cinema, Massages, A picnic, Rock Climbing, Trampolining, Ice Cream Parlour, A new City, Golf, A new restaurant, Farm/Zoo, Chocolate making etc. Sit down and write out some date ideas and give them as gift this Valentines with a commitment to have proper dates each month together!

Valentines to me isn’t about money and isn’t an excuse to get a pricey item we’ve had our eye on. Its about love and sharing your feelings with others..sharing a day with those we love and making it memorable and a little out of the ordinary and special. I love the opportunity each February to be creative and find ways to tell Nathan how much he means to me through the cheesy gifts and laugh out loud slogans I give to him! I love our family day dates and making it a day the kids can be excited for too and I love that we also use it as an excuse to spread love to friends and neighbours through heart shaped baked goods and little crafts.

How will you spread love this February?


I always find that men are quite hard to buy for when Birthday’s and Christmas’ roll around, and usually it is because they seem more content and never really have a huge list of things they want or need like we women do. I often find I am racking my brains as I want to be something they love and want, and maybe something that will be useful to them too. But when fathers day comes, its somehow different. I don’t ever feel that pressure and actually find it quite easy to find small gifts of appreciation for them. I also feel in someways it is an occasion where you can be a little more creative and quirky, and now the kids are older, its something they can have more of a say in too for their daddy.

This year I have done gifts for my Dad and Nathan (as Nathan’s Dad is no longer with us), which are made up from things from a number of places! For my Dad I have focused on his keen interest in cycling, and for Nathan; both a little treat and a memento of the kids. I don’t usually like to give the standard socks and ties (though I have done in the past with other things) and like more to find things they might not always think of!

My Dad

So as I say, my Dad loves bikes, cycling and being outdoors. His gift was decided a few weeks ago (purely by chance) when I popped into a cute gift shop over in Harrogate and saw this cool bike wrapping paper. It was £2 a sheet and popped into a frame (£12 from The Range) It makes a really fabulous print that I hope he will find rather cool too.

With it I have chosen for him this quirky Ted Baker bike fixing kit from Amara, which when I saw I thought he would love both the cylinder tin with screw lid and the great quality contents.

These gifts remind me a lot of all the fun we had as kids, exploring on bikes with him, and how he taught us to fix a puncture! And now how he is so keen to set his Grandkids up with bikes too!


Nathan is not only a great husband, but an excellent father too. He works so hard for us all (which I am sure most fathers do) and is great with the kids. I love to watch him helping them, teaching them things and seeing his keenness to do with them the things his dad did with him. For all of this I felt he needed something special as a “Thank you” and sign of appreciation to him.

As someone who loves a little luxury, I decided to choose him this Ted Baker glasses case from Amara. He has been wearing his glasses way more and taking his contacts to change midday at work, and so I thought this would be a really nice accessory for him in his leather bag! He loves the leather look and plush lining, and of course the “Well ProtecTED” quote inside. With it we also got him this really cool rose gold frame (also from Amara) and put a gorgeous pic in it of him on the beach the other day with the kids! We captured an ordinary, yet special moment in fatherhood that he can have on his desk at work as a little memento of some of his biggest fans!

I also wanted this year for the kids to chose their own gifts as well as giving him something special that I would choose. At their school they have a “secret shop” where I gave the kids £1.50 each to chose him something and then during lunch they went along and bought him a gift. I loved it because it meant it was purely their choice and I had no persuasion at all! It made me laugh on Wednesday when they both came home with the same thing – A Toblerone each!!!

To me Father’s day is more about showing appreciation for who these amazing men are in our lives. Finding their favourite things (hello 2 Toblerones), or giving something that expresses how you feel and compliments them in their role as “Dad”. I am so pleased with the quality of gifts on sale at Amara and find they fit most budgets with things starting from just £7.50! I also love that if you look hard enough you can always find something random and turn it into something special!!

*Thank you to Amara for gifting us some of these products. All thoughts and pictures are my own. 


Motherhood is by far the hardest “job” I have ever done. Life with mini humans is far from a walk in the park, and each stage brings its own challenges and stresses, as well as with each one of my kids bringing their own little quirks and personalities into the mix of family life.

Life as a mother is also fun though and the best thing I have ever done; it is beautiful, and is rich to life, but with all great things comes a lot of hard work. Yes it really is hard and every now and then we certainly need a treat, a little pamper and an opportunity to rejuvenate from the stresses and busyness of it all.

I truly love being a mum, but I also welcome these small breaks along the way when things have just been intense or demoralising, and where I can have some me time. Whilst Mothers day is certainly about appreciation for the mothers in our lives, I think its also an opportunity to let them have a rest and a treat too (please Mr Smith), so I was delighted to be asked recently by Hunkemöller to try out some of their new wellness collection on the run up to Mothers day to unwind and relax in my busy mum life.

Prices start from £5.00 and run all the way up to £50.00 (with averages around a tenner) so there is something for every budget and is good value. I chose things that really felt like my style and would make me feel joyful around a time that for me personally tends to feel sad, and so went with the eyes make up bag, The fig & Green tea Candle, Shower gel and scrub glove, and here’s why.

Make up Bag

This make up bag caught my eye immediately (no pun intended) as the pattern was just so quirky and cool. Its different to anything I have seen before. It’s a little smaller than I hoped, but for £9 is perfect for the essentials to fit in most handbags for the funky mum in your life.


My oh my this candle smells A-MAZING and who doesn’t love a lovely candle for mother’s day? The scent is strong and a good one but by no means over powering. It will fragerence your home even when not lit and smells quality and fresh! I love that it is quite plain with a cute quote on it, meaning it will fit well in most interiors flawlessly. The scent really is divine and makes me want to close my eyes and drift off somewhere. I look forward to having this in my life and home.

Shower Gel and Scrub Glove

I love a good scrub in the shower, especially after those days that have been complete madness, and these items make for the perfect combo. The shower gel smells sweet and a bit posh (you can tell it’s from a spa range) and the glove has the right balance of softness to scrubby feel. I am happy with them both and together they are great to get rid of dead skin and leaving you feeling renewed and smelling like a lovely soft mummy flower! For £15 I think even these together make for a lovely quality gift for someone!

There are so many pretty things available at Hunkemöller for mums to have a little treat and pamper this Mothers day. I would say their stuff is perfect for younger stylish mums (like me? ha), as the little quotes and quirky prints make them feel really cool and a bit trendy. Other things I would have loved are the Spa slippers – Hello!I think they’re just so cool for the summer and a little bit different! Also it would be the scrub & moisturiser to go together with the shower gel – it all smells so nice I think the whole range would just be so lovely for a full on pamper.

So whether its Mothers Day you just want to get them something for a birthday or anniversary, Hunkemöller has some beautiful and pretty things for lovely ladies across the board and especially in their wellness collection.

*Thankyou to Hunkemöller for gifting these items to me for a mother’s day treat in return for an honest review. Pictures and thoughts are all mine minus the last one! 

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