Carvery in front of me on the table, and fire roaring to the side. We are in a small coastal pub on the cliff tops, and the kids are at school! It all feels rather idyllic and as I look across to my newly turned 37 year old husband, I can’t help but comment on how perfect this feels, and how good this little moment is together! Things aren’t perfect (whose lives are?) but this moment is.

Since being married to Nathan I always feel like his birthday is the official start for Christmas. Its the day when it all feels so much closer and exciting, and often the day when he starts his annual leave for the Christmas period. December the 21st is often the first proper moment we get with the busy season to properly just all be together and have some fun and relax a little, and I love it!

I adore Nathan (obvs) and I love the moments where we can have a whole day just chatting, planning, laughing, and being in each others company. I love when we can break from the ordinary and life can feel a little bit special. I basically love his birthday and its natural kick start to Christmas!

These last few weeks we have been all about shopping, wrapping and helping people. We’ve had nativities and various service projects, and the usual day to day stuff of a busy family life. Whilst these have all been great, they have also meant that we have barely seen each other. But then yesterday, following the kids carol service, it all seemed to slow down a little and we could just spend some time together – relaxing, eating and celebrating him!

As a result the house is out of sorts, and the laundry pile is ginormous, but it was wonderful to have a day together and feel so chilled and finally excited for Christmas!

Yesterday, as always, was our official start to a joyful festive week. Nathan is now off work for a week and the kids break up from school today (yipeee)! There are lots of presents wrapped under the tree, in the loft and at the back of my wardrobe (sshh), and we are ready and looking forward to sharing in the joy of the season, seeing our families and having so much fun as we create new memories together.

It’s finally beginning to look a lot like Christmas – and I can’t wait.

I am excited that for the first time in a few years, the season feels a little more light… a little more exciting and joyful, and I am glad to have all we do!

I am so thankful for our little family and the opportunity to celebrate Christmas together with lots of food and gifts, songs and praise. I am thankful for the small acts of kindness we have had the opportunity to do, to #lightheworld this Christmas. It has been a pleasure, a lesson and a great blessing. It has distracted me from the emotions Christmas usually stirs, and has opened the kids eyes to suffering and the needs of others. Now I look forward to having moments for me…to just be and reflect. I look forward to being able to decorate Poppy’s grave and dedicate some time to think of her. I look forward to planning for a new year and new me, but mostly just taking time out from the ordinary and day to day to enjoy Christmas!

This is my last post this side of Christmas (as I am sure you’ll understand), and last post I hope for a good week or so. It’s time to be with my family, clean my home and do those last little touches and acts of service. It’s time to switch off and connect with those here! I’ll still be on Instagram, sharing our moments, but other than that … all that’s left to say is, from our family to yours – We hope you have a very merry Christmas and a hearty life this season!

MERRY CHRISTMAS – I hope you get all you wish for!


Christmas is such a wonderful time of year; rich in opportunities to spend quality time with family and loved ones, enjoy cozy nights in, and copious amounts of festive food and treats. Its so exciting to give and receive gifts, and watch as people delight in their new things! I don’t know about you, but with only 4 days to go, the kids are really feeling the excitement of the season, and I am hugely looking forward to the magic of the day as we watch them open presents from Santa (and family)!

Whether you save for it, collect vouchers through the year, or just blow a load of cash weeks before, trying to fund Christmas can be a little stressful for some! I guess we can’t help but avoid feeling the pinch of extra spending this time of year can we? I always try to be frugal and thrifty with sales, offers, cheapy shops, and pre-loved items, but even then November/December time end up being a big outgoings month!

So if like us, the bank balance has seen better days, and you are feeling the pinch of Christmas just a little, then how would you like the chance to win an icount card loaded with £250 to spend and ease the burden of this joyful, yet pricey season???? (ooo yes please)!


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If you would like to take a guess, head over to the icount competition page to enter (make sure to check out the terms and conditions before submitting your guess). The winner will be chosen randomly from those who guessed the correct value of the Christmas presents and they will receive the exciting gift of an icount card, loaded with £250 to spend.

icount’s Christmas competition runs throughout December, with the winner being chosen on 2nd January 2018. So what are you waiting for? Get entering now to be in with a chance of this brilliant prize! GOOD LUCK! 

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These last few weeks have been super busy with planning and carrying out things for Light the world, getting ready for Christmas and trying to keep on top of all of the usual things! Isn’t it just a mental time of year all round? I am pretty exhausted and yet like the kids, getting super giddy about Christmas! I don’t know why, but this year (at least right now) Christmas just feels a bit better than it previously has, and I am pleased to embrace it whilst it’s here!

We have just one week left of school now, which is weird as the kids break up so late, but it is a brilliant week ahead which is adding to the excitement! We have the kids Nativity plays, carol concerts and daddy’s birthday! So much to look forward to, and so many moments to enjoy together. I really am feeling festive this year, especially with the added bonus of a few bargainous gifts (and other stuff) I have picked up along the way too.

Half Price Play doh

I was delighted to find in Tesco last week a huge tub of play doh on offer from £35 to £17.50 (The offer is still there)! Megan had play doh on her list, and was after a kit that was about £15. For £2.50 extra it is way better value for money as she has more than those small kits! She has herself a canister with 20 tubs, and a whole host of tools to get creative with. I am looking forward to seeing her little face when she sees how much play doh Santa brought her!

Sylvanian Families

Also on Megsies list was Sylvanian families. Anyone that knows these, will know how blumming expensive they are. I have spent ages searching eBay, Gumtree, Shpock and Facebook marketplace to grab myself a reasonable size set that would merit as a “main present” to get her started, but that also wouldn’t break the budget!

I managed to find her a lovely set via Facebook market place for £40! It is a house, restaurant, 6 characters and some furniture/accessories! A bargain by any measure and I am really hoping she loves this one too!

Charity shop finds of the week

Its been a while since I have had a good route around the charity shops, but yesterday presented itself with the perfect opp! I was hoping to get Ethan a Christmas jumper for his concert next week, but unfortunately didn’t (yet), but that was okay. I did however find a couple of lovely things for Alice – A boots floral top for 75p and a gorgeous dark green, cord dress with embroidery for £1!! I love them both.

Homemade Wreath

For 3 years now I have made a homemade wreath for our door. It is a craft I find great joy in at this time of year, and something that is a lot of fun to do! It’s always so random and unplanned but comes together in it’s own unique way.

I have loved seeing everyone’s on Instagram, and mine has pride of place on the front door of our new house (which makes me so happy). It is my best yet (in my humble opinion), and the best part is that it cost about £3 to make (complete with silvery loveliness) as oppose to the £8 – £15 you would spend at a florist! It’s worth raiding your local haberdashery and woodland/garden to do your own!

We loved our small flurry of snow this week, and seeing the village dressed in white frost. It is such a beautiful location to live, and I am excited for our first Christmas here. I don’t know about the kids, but after this crazy busy week, I am well and truly ready for that Christmas break next week!


We have been shopping at Morrisons for years, and I have loved seeing it evolve with its market street stores, to toys and beautiful, affordable kids clothing. They not only have delicious fresh foods, and are a great place for the weekly (and Christmas) shop, but with tasty treats, lovely seasonal delights, entertainment and now even plush home-ware’s too, they are are basically a one-stop Christmas shop!

We were excited this last week to receive from them a gift box containing goodies for a cosy family night in; complete with cute festive itty bitty’s, treats, a gorgeous purple throw and a copy of the new “Beauty & the Beast”!

All available in their stores, it was so delightful to have some samples of what is purchasable this Christmas time from them. Their stuff is such lovely quality and would make wonderful and affordable gifts for teachers, friends, kids and family. With bigger gifts to stocking fillers, to even delicious things for food hampers Morrisons has really become the one-stop shop for the whole families needs this Christmas time. We are more than excited to steal some time together over the weekend to snuggle down, crack open their best fudge and mince pies, and enjoy some family time with a film (we surprisingly haven’t seen yet) courtesy of them!

With the festive period right around the corner, why not pop along to your local Morrisons and discover their tasty treats and plush home furnishing’s, sparkly decorations and that all important family entertainment. Their stores are packed with all sorts of goodies at great prices and with this season of giving you are bound to find something for everyone you’re still to buy for!! They also have a beautiful array of cards for everyone, as well as yummy things in their seasonal foods range. Check out my video below as I explain a little more and do a little show and tell of what we received! Then  go see for yourself the goodies in your local store…you are sure to find something for everyone.

*Thanks to Morrisons for sending us these goodies/cards for the purpose of this review