Almost a month ago now, on the 19th of July, our little rainbow and baby of the family (Miss Alice) turned a big 2 years old! Like last year, I meant to write about it around when it all happened, but as it always falls so close to the end of term and at busy time of year, we unfortunately got so busy and swept up in the start of the Summer holidays that writing about it all just passed me by!

I suppose being an end of July baby, this could be a sign of things to come. Thank goodness she has her Dad’s laid back tendencies with things!

This year it was another simple affair, which I am also quickly realising seems to go a long with Alice’s chilled nature. As it was her 2nd birthday (and by family tradition we would normally have their first party), we soon realised unlike her siblings she doesn’t particularly mingle with any kids her age on a regular basis that we would think to invite. She has a couple of girls at church but barely will go near anyone, and then her cousins are all spread out and so we decided that we would have a simple family picnic on the green and a family day out at the weekend.

The weather was great on her birthday and I spent the day with her at the Deep in Hull with a friend and her son from the village whilst the kids were at school. She loves fish and animals and had a lot of joy and excitement from this trip. That evening Grandma Smith came over and we headed to the village green for a picnic tea with lots of her faves. It was so chilled that we didn’t even have a cake for her, but rather she was simply delighted with a little chocolate cupcake and candle (that she soon realised was not edible!).

At the weekend we headed to the coast and took her on a boat ride, followed by chips and an ice cream on the Harbour. It was a lovely evening and a great way to celebrate Alice. She quickly cottoned on to what “A Happy Birthday” meant and she thoroughly enjoyed it all!

At 2 I want to remember her belly laughs and how she laughs at “goggys” (dogs) whilst signing “dogs”!

I want to remember how she stands on her tippy toes to put the bathroom taps on and then laughs her head off as water sprays every where!!

I want to remember her brilliant horrified face and the way she turns her nose up at any foods you push her way that she doesn’t like.

I want to remember how she says “bah-bye” to anything that disappears, how she adores her daddy and watches him leave for work from the bay window, whilst shouting “bah-bye daddy”.

I want to remember how she goes nuts and panics over the teeniest of creatures and calls them all “piders”!

I want to remember how much she loves playing with her siblings, how she fights them back and how cheeky she is with them!

I want to remember how loving and kind she is and how every morning on the way to school she signs birds as she hears them in the trees!

I want to remember how she climbs up on to the counter tops and then sits on the window sill to help herself to the fruit bowl!

I want to remember how she loves to pick daisys on the school run, hates being in the pram and can undo her car seat and climb out (every journey!).

I want to remember how she snuggles, holds my little finger instead of my hand and how she hold my shoulders when I carrier on hikes!

I want to remember how girly and pretty she is in style and how everyone loves her big blue eyes and blonde curls.

Happy 2nd Birthday Alice (even if it is rather late). You are fierce, loving, really nuts and life is better with you in it!


Last week was all about the kids and their cousins – this week i’m bringing it back to me and my generation and the cool kids that are MY cousins!¬†Yesterday was far from ordinary, but I share it all the same, because it was pretty mint and pretty much the highlight of my week! You see its not everyday your Granddad turns 85 and you get together and celebrate with the majority of your childhood buddies.

I love my Granddad – He is a legend!

He has been a great example to all of us, he cracks EVERYONE up that meets him and always has a tale to tell. In one moment we are all crying with laughter, the next we are overcome with emotion and having deep convos. Its great because I can see his sense of humour in pretty much every member of our extended family too and I think thats why we all just click (that and were all a bit nuts).

We had a great afternoon with family in celebration of his birthday; ate too much food, reminisced and I laughed harder than I have all week. Megan was so sleepy (refusing to go to bed at night will do that to you) and spent the most part on a blanket, in the corner asleep and when she did wake up the waitress had cleared her dinner away (#badtimes), which she didn’t find as bad when she saw the cake come out!

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It was so wonderful for me to see a chunk of my cousins and to watch everyone mingling. Its so hard when we all get together to remember I’m still a parent and have responsibilities…I chat away, laughing my head off, bantering with them all, whilst my kids are legging it around. I heard some great stories from Aunts and uncles and was able to get up to date with a lot of my cousins too.
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I look on this day and the pictures I managed to capture as a moment in life I will treasure for many years. Its not very ordinary that we are all together like this, it is quite ordinary to see granddad quite frequently, and whilst I don’t know how long we will have our granddad in our lives I hope to share and spend time with him where we can. Ethan adores his great grandfather and I especially loved seeing them chat and joke together. He often asks when we will see him again and tells all of his buddies about it when he has. I’m so happy that my kids are getting to know such a legend and that they are loving him as much as we all do.
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