This week was our last of the Summer term and we are now well and truly into our “Summer Holidays”! It has been a really great week, with a mock wedding performed by Ethan’s class at the beginning of the week to celebrating our little Alice turning 2 on Thursday! We have had more wonderful weather, picnic teas, and I have had some lovely long chats with great people and friends.

We have been to the Deep again in Hull, ate lots of Ice creams, and I literally skipped all the way home after our final school run on Friday (yahoooo!!)! Yesterday we enjoyed some time at the coast together and had a boat ride, some chips and ice creams, as part of our birthday celebrations for Alice. I am so happy school is out and we have a whole 6 weeks ahead of us to relax together, enjoy some adventures and generally just have a great time!

Grateful For …

This week I am grateful for Alice and her warm, fun and loving presence in our family. It was an absolute pleasure to celebrate her on Thursday as she brings us all so much joy! I am grateful for her love, her healing presence, and that she lets me squidge and kiss her when I am sad or just need a boost! I am grateful that she is so lovely and so much fun to have in our home and lives.

I am also grateful to be moving forward with feeling better myself. I have recently being diagnosed with PTSD and whilst it makes a lot of sense it has been so hard – you can read more about it here.

Succeeded At …

We succeed at finally cleaning out the car – it was awful! But there was no way that we were going to start off our Summer hols driving round in a bin on wheels. The kids were so helpful, clearing it out and then with some anti bac wipes, they willingly scrubbed all of the surfaces!

I also succeed at getting the kids to tidy their rooms  and they have done it twice already this week! It took a lot of perseverance and strict mummy, but and the house looks better for it and everyone is a lot happier – especially me!

Finally (and my most favourite) I succeeded at winning the To Tuscany blogger competition. This means we will be heading to Tuscany some time soon(ish) to stay in one of their gorgeous villas and we are going absolutely nuts over it! What an incredible opportunity and wonderful treat for us all – I am still pinching myself!

Found Beauty In…

The mock wedding Ethan’s class did at the local church on Tuesday afternoon. They were all dressed in wedding clothes, playing their parts, and we sung the hymns and joined in as “guests”! Ethan played the part of best man and he was great. The whole experience was so funny, brilliant and simply gorgeous!

I also found beauty in Alice playing with my friends dog, loving the fish again at the deep and playing with her little pal on Friday. The most beautiful thing though this week, the thing that made me calm and my heart sing, was being on a boat all together yesterday as a family. We travelled up to Bridlington to have a boat ride and some seaside treats as part of Alice’s birthday and it was so lovely. The sea was super calm, the coast line beautiful and it was a really nice end to the week. The kids loved and so did we.

I am going to be signing off for a week now – I have wanted to have a break from blogging and social media for a while now to clear my mind (its only for a week or so) but with having a few collaborations I needed to do I haven’t had the opportunity as I have had to work and wanted to get on top of things. I have done that and now with the first week of the Summer holidays starting and no urgent posts to write, I am going to schedule a couple of things, and then I am going to switch off until next weekend! I am looking forward to stepping away from social media and seeing what difference it makes to my well-being and life generally (if at all).

I  hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a joyful first week of the Summer holidays – let me know where you are planning on going on holiday to this year – I love hearing about people’s adventures and find it inspiring!


The last couple of weeks have been a real struggle for me, and consequently I missed last weeks “MyHeartyLife” update! I have had a kidney infection, and whilst I have been trying to get on and mother etc, I kinda hit a wall and just needed to rest and switch off as much as possible if I wanted any chance of my body being able to recover.

I seem to be pretty run down generally in life, and seem to get ill quite often which I find incredibly frustrating, but thankfully in these last couple of days, and after some tests and 2 courses of antibiotics, I am finally feeling like me again!

This week has been pretty good (minus being so ill at the beginning of it), and we have had made some fabulous memories through Megan’s birthday and a Taylor Swift concert.

Grateful For … 

This week I feel super grateful for our second born child – Miss Megan! On Thursday she turned 6 and it was wonderful to be able to celebrate her and her presence in our family/lives! I am grateful to be the mother of someone that is so funny, crazy and generally filled with goodness. She can be cheeky and explosive if you upset her or frustrate her too much, but mostly she is kind and thoughtful and I am just grateful to be able to walk through life with her. She is a real daydreamer and imaginative and I love to see life through her eyes!

I also feel grateful for the offers of help from neighbours and friends whilst I haven’t been well, and for my little sister taking me to the hospital to make sure everything was okay! I am grateful for my lovely mother in law throwing Megs a birthday tea of homemade pizza’s and for one of her aunts making her a fresh cake out of melon and grapes!! And then finally again for my mother in law for buying me a fab drinks bottle so that I can drink more, and get better quicker.

It’s been clear to see that I am surrounded by good people and I felt especially grateful for that fact and realisation this week.

Succeeded At …

Being well enough to see Taylor Swift! We bought the tickets before Christmas and have been super excited ever since! At the beginning of this week I really thought that I wouldn’t make it. I was so weak and ill that we decided to ask around to see if anyone else wanted to go with Nathan. Thankfully though I did feel a little better and with knowing it was seated, I felt I could face it and we decided to go. I loved every second and it was so nice to escape life to spend time with Nathan at such an epic concert!

We certainly ended a hard week on a high, and even though I didn’t feel my best and was tired, it was a lot of fun.

Found Beauty In …

On Friday evening as I drove to Leeds to get Nathan from work for our concert date, I passed the most beautiful field of Poppies! Within seconds I had pulled over and got out to snap a pic. I love these moments when I am on my own and have such beautiful reminders in my life of our precious little Poppy! It made me very reflective for the next chunk of my drive, but I am grateful for that time to be on my own and just feel it.

I also found beauty in seeing Megan with her friends for her party on Saturday, and Alice laughing her head off today in the car. I love being their mother and being able to witness these hearty moments that fill my heart with love and joy!