WIN 1 of 100 Cadbury Chocolate Bars!

Chocolate…chocolat…chokolade…cokollate…however you say it, it is by far one of my favourite things in life and I am the first to hold my hands up and say I cannot live without it. I am not ashamed to admit that I am a self confessed chocoholic because lets face it – life is far too short to not have that bar of chocolate! Whether it’s a cheeky square or like me – you scoff the whole lot – who cares? Go for it! It’s just too yummy not to and, for me has been the answer to many a bad day or the highlight of many a celebration or date night.

What a wonderful creation of deliciousness chocolate is and how sad life would be without some chocolate to scoff.

You have probably guessed, but I am not particularly fussy when it comes to chocolate – I’ll try most recipes and brands. But, I will say that there something comforting and familiar about the humble Cadbury dairy milk. And guess what? Thanks to wow free stuff you can get your hands on 1 of 100 free bars of it right now! (Free chocolate?? YES PLEASE!).

Cadbury Dairy Milk needs no introduction – it is such a star and the very suggestion has my mouth watering. There is nothing more comforting than snuggled up in bed with Netflix and a bar of it to share myself (Sorry Mr Smith!). It leaves me feeling more carefree and recentered after a nutty day or is the ideal accompaniment to a busy work afternoon or evening. It is a welcomed treat on a weekend or a bonus in any gift.

Whenever and wherever it makes an appearance, joy and happiness are not far behind are they?

So, If like me you can’t get enough of chocolate and you would like to WIN 1 of 100 cadbury bars to make your day that little bit tastier (and more joyful), all you have to do is click that link right there and head on over the wow free stuff, where you can sign up to their newsletter (with more great freebies daily) and then win a free choccy bar – it really is that easy!

Good luck…enjoy…I’m off to watch Netflix and scoff my free bar – Hallelujah!

*This post is in collaboration with WowFreeStuff

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