We’re buzzing about Rowse chocobee (Review)

With 3 Gannet kids to feed, breakfast is always a nuts time of day. Even so, we like to make sure they are sent on their way with a full tummy and some nutritious subsistence.

One of our faves for breakfast is most definitely pancakes and as such, we are always looking for new toppings to mix it up. Whilst we do enjoy cheeky treats on them at the weekend, midweek we also want to try to maintain healthier eating habits – especially at breakfast time. We were delighted to discover that Rowse now make a special kinda spread called “chocobee” which they kindly sent to us a few weeks ago to try for our breakfasts, and it is one that has the kids (and us) buzzing over it! Why? Because it is healthy, tasty and sustainable.

What is Chocobee?

 Rowse ChocoBee is the new spread in town created by everyone’s favourite honey brand, Rowse. It is a delicious new chocolate spread designed to tingle taste buds across the UK. And, the most amazing part is that this smooth and creamy spread contains ONLY TWO ingredients: 100% natural honey and UTZ-certified sustainable cocoa! A healthy alternative to other chocolate spreads.

So, whether you spread it, spoon it or swirl it, Rowse ChocoBee is a definite game-changer to wake up to!

These two ingredients create an un-bee-lievably yummy chocolate spread that’s perfect for the whole family, including fussy little eaters (as long as its used spariingly for them – the taste is quite rich)! In fact, the best new way to start your morning is with a moreish spread of Rowse ChocoBee on toast… or on muffins, crumpets, crepes, croissants, brioche… actually, the list is endless! In fact, you can add it to just about any breakfast item for some extra pzazz!

Rowse ChocoBee doesn’t only taste good, but it does good too. The honey is 100% natural and the cocoa is sustainably farmed, certified by UTZ, a program that’s part of the Rainforest Alliance. As with Rowse’s tasty pure honey range, Rowse ChocoBee is part of Hives for Lives, a programme of vital initiatives that protects honey bees and supports beekeepers around the world. And to put the cherry on top, all packaging for Rowse ChocoBee is 100% recyclable and is perfect for reuse for the creatives among us!

How to enjoy it …

Rowse chocobee can be enjoyed in so many ways, and I am sure that it will soon be appearing in anything from baking to smoothies (and more). I am yet to experiment with those ideas, but for us we have been enjoying it on our pancakes (obvs), in porridge and in sandwiches (yes really!).


Porridge is another firm fave in our home for brekkie! They usually will always have it topped with honey and a handful of blueberries. These last couple of weeks though we have mixed it up (literally) with a dollop of Chocobee for a naturally sweet and chocolatey touch. The kids loved it as simply that, I however spruced it up with chopped banana too, which was very yummy indeed!


Of course we tried it (several times) as a topping for our pancakes and this was by far the kids favourite way to eat it. They literally slapped it on and then topped with fruit for a yummy breakfast option and new take on our old faves.

In a Sandwich 

My kids, like many others love a good peanut butter and jam sandwich; whether as a snack or lunch option. In our house we also enjoy peanut butter and honey in a sandwich or wrap, and this for a long time has also being a winning snack too. We thought then, why not to try chocobee in a sandwich… with peanut butter (natural) and it too made for a tasty snack.

So, why not buzz on down to your local supermarket and give it a try too – you could swirl it into porridge like we have or spoon it into hot milk to make a delightful drink. It’s scrumptious lavishly spread on toast or pancakes and then topped with fresh fruit, chopped nuts for a crunch or even a dollop of whipped cream if you’re feeling decadent. It’s got no nasty added extras like palm oil and is suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs. We love it and hope you will too.

Rowse ChocoBee (MRSP is £2.49 for a 340g jar) is available now.
Check out https://www.rowsehoney.co.uk/chocobee/ for more information and full stockist details, or follow them on social: @rowsehoney (Facebook and Twitter ) and @rowsehoneyuk on Instagram #chocobee

*In collaboration with Rowse. We were sent the spread to try (along with some other merchandise) in return for a review. All thoughts and images are my own. 

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  1. June 12, 2021 / 1:44 pm

    I am going to have to pick this up for myself!

    Danielle | thereluctantblogger.co.uk

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