The Witches

When I saw that the West Yorkshire Playhouse were doing the witches this December I knew I had to see it. Roald Dhal stories and films were a huge part of our childhood and seeing it in action this last week with my sister was both nostalgic and a blast from the past! We were not only entertained to the max (and a little spooked in places too), but it just felt as if a childhood dream had become reality.
The witches especially was one of those videos (remember those – VHS!) that we loved to watch over and over again. The creepy scabby head witches, the dog pooh smelling kids and turning them into mice…we loved it all and the play in true Roald Dahl form had revolting elements and was on the wave length of kids with many factors appealing to adults alike.



The Witches in theatre

The performance was captivating from the beginning; filled with mind boggling illusions, many a laugh out loud moments and several edge of your seat uncertainty’s!


“Witches absolutely detest children. They find them revolting and are planning to wipe them out like weasels! They want to squish them and squiggle them and make them disappear. But one brave young boy and his grandmother have a plan to get rid of the witches for good…”


 Nikolai Foster did an excellent job of directing it, and the set was incredible as well as each actor-musician performing to the max in this fantastic show. They had impressive effects and it is something not to be missed this December.


My favourite characters had to be the grand high witch herself and Bruno. Whilst everyone was excellent in their various roles, with brilliance throughout, these 2 were especially fabulous to me. Whilst scary, the Grand high witch was strangely very funny and just a massive presence on stage. Equally Bruno was played tremendously with his revolting habits, humorous quirks and general banter. I loved that several actors played more than one role, really exemplifying their talents and the music and singing had us toe tapping, moving and grinning…and we absolutely loved every moment of it!


Together each person involved brought to life this childhood classic in a captivating and engaging performance. It was an absolutely brilliant night out with lots of laughs and banter from stage to audience and they really involved the kids, encouraging them to shout things out and join in!


Curve Theatre LeicesterThey recommend 7+ (with brave adults) which I would say is very accurate. We debated if it wasn’t too scary for our kids who are 6 and just 7? But it’s most definitely one to see with friends and family if you are a Roald Dahl lover. I would most definitely take older kids as I know they would love it. SO… if you enjoyed the Witches as a kid or with your kids now, then get booked in (quickly), it will have you squealing with fear and delight, and you will not be disappointed!


*Thank you to West Yorkshire Playhouse for inviting us along to review this magnificent piece of theatre! 


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  1. December 12, 2016 / 11:52 am

    By the look of your photos and description this is a play worth seing! I just love witches and everything about them, the mistery, the witchcraft, the healing poitions,..Do you know how to recognize a real witch? she has a bold, egg shaped head (with a wig on it), and a green saliva! Watc out!;))) #MarvMondays

  2. December 12, 2016 / 5:57 pm

    I don’t know if I’ve been on another planet but I had no idea this was even a stage production. I loved the book so much as a kid. It’s the first one I ever remember desperately wanting. This looks great. #marvmondays
    Jaki recently posted…Christmas Gift Guide – For All The Family Part 2My Profile

  3. January 7, 2017 / 10:02 pm

    I loved Ronald Dahls Witches when I was a little girl and my mum took me to see it at the theatre too. I remember it being scary but amazing! I havent really seen it been shown anywhere since so I was really surprised to see your tweet in December and read your post. It would be great if it makes a bit of a come back in the theatres over the next few years. I’d love to take our Eldest when shes a little older if it was still around. It looks and sounds like you all had a great time! Thanks for linking up with us last year, look forward to seeing you link up again with us this year. Emily #MarvMondays

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