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I decided long ago that if I went ahead and sent my kids into the school system, that I would be involved with that school as much as I could, via the PTA (parent, teacher association) or if time and opportunity permitted, a parent governor too. I am very much aware of the fact that a child’s education and learning is not the sole responsibility of the school they attend or teacher they have, but rather that it is down to the parents themselves, and for me to be involved in these ways, in addition to what we do at home, helps me have a stronger influence on the things taking place at his school. It helps me know the parents of the kids he is playing and mixing with, and helps me build a rapport with the staff he is around 5 days a week. I very much enjoy being on the PTA, the women I have met and meet with and I love being involved with schools fundraising and events.
InstagramCapture_c634460e-3502-4817-813d-aacba2ca50d3Back in September at my 1st (possibly 2nd meeting) we decided to put on 2 cinema nights; One for Key stage 1 and the other Key stage 2. We discussed several elements of what this would entail, and then came the big question of what drinks we would give the kids. Whilst water is of course the healthiest option, juice was the choice as a little treat. Cups of sqaush were likely to cause spillages, fizzy was out of the question, the cheapo cup drinks are pretty rubbish, and then there are the parents that turn their noses up if we presented certain store own brand juice bottles that would cut down on cost for us (#Aldi), I am laughing now, but it was a serious PTA dilemma!! And then I threw out the suggestion of More Drinks  and their “A little More” range, designed especially for little people in a 330ml bottle with extra vitamins, and available in various flavours. I was scared to speak up (believe it or not), but it seemed to be the obvious answer in my eyes!
WP_20151110_17_56_21_ProI have worked them before and was very impressed with their products and knew how much my own kids loved them, but when I mentioned them, I was SOOOO surprised to find that not one member of the 12 or so of us there had NEVER heard of them as a drink option for their kids! WHAATTT! It also made me think that perhaps then the wider parental audience wouldn’t have either?! After explaining how lovely the packaging was, how practical they were for what we wanted and how they were a flavoured water with extra vitamins, as opposed to a juice, they were all for it!

We decided to put them in a brown paper bag with popcorn, and then the kids had the option to add more snacks from the tuck shop with their own pennies! They went down a storm…the kids LOVED them, the parents were happy that they were drinking a flavoured water and not a syrupy juice full of rubbish and as they were a new thing to them they had no idea if they were cheap or not – Job done!
WP_20151110_16_44_18_ProAfter the event I asked the mum’s on the PTA what they thought of them and the answers were as follows:

“I like that they have NATURAL flavouring” 
“I like that whilst they are for kids, they taste good for adults too (unlike other “kids” drinks), and I’d be happy to drink it myself” 
“I love this whole vitamin concept they have going on”
“Not as syrupy as fruit shoots and actually quench your thirst” 
“I have noticed the acidity levels are a lot lower than other kids drinks” 
“I like they are a bigger bottle than other kids drinks”
“Ooo no sugar and okay sweeteners!”

…and the best of all “Of course water is the number one choice, but I am happy with this as second best”! It would appear that More Drinks have hit the nail on the head with ticking the boxes of natural, healthy and child friendly and it certainly got lots of mothers approval this week at our school Cinema night. Their drinks are designed to help our bodies get more of what they need and it appears to be doing that all whilst being hydrating and tasting delish!
InstagramCapture_f43fb84b-8c4f-4414-bc22-f3530afdecb2I loved being involved in it and seeing the pure glee in Ethan’s face that his school were having a cinema night. I enjoyed working along side the lovely mums from the PTA and I look forward to the many more events we are planning. I am really happy with the choice I made to be on the school PTA and gain more insight and influence into my kids school, and I am glad that my blogger connections are benefiting the school too. 

MORE Drinks generously provided each attending child with one bottle of “A little More” in return for increased brand awareness and an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are honest from myself and the PTA! 
Their drinks are available from Tesco, Asda, Waitrose, WH Smith…to name a few and I really recommend the adults choices too!! 

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  1. November 14, 2015 / 12:58 pm

    What a fantastic way of getting the children to try the More drinks, and how lovely that they provided each child with a drink. I had never heard of More drinks before meeting the lovely ladies at Blog on, and now I see the drinks everywhere. They stock them in Sainsburys too, and the adult ones are gorgeous. Sounds as if the cinema night was a big hit. Well done hun xx

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