Sprucing up Mr Smith with Jacamo

Mr Smith rarely wants for anything (which is a great attribute to have), at least until we get to his wardrobe, and then I really wish he did want for more  – more stylish things! Put it this way, he is still wearing the same jacket he had when I met him over 10 years ago, and would wear all of his clothes down to threads if I didn’t intercede now and again most the time and “advise” him otherwise! I don’t like to come across as a controlling spouse, and nor is this by any means ripping on my lovely husband, but he really does have his own unique style (which includes plenty of navy blue) – being brave enough to feel totally cool wearing combo’s that most people wouldn’t dream of wearing together (especially in public!). Therefore, I do feel somewhat responsible to direct and encourage him down a slightly more stylish path and give him some pointers on how to put things together (not to mention he looks way fitter when spruced up nicely!).

Its no wonder then that I jumped at the opportunity recently to work with Jacamo menswear on a style challenge for Mr Smith! I was asked by them to pick some things from their Summer range to spruce up his look for a particular event/purpose and then to share with you all his look/our thoughts on their brand!

I instantly decided to go down the “smart casual” path; both for our upcoming holiday to Italy, and also so he could have things that generally looked a bit smarter. The things I chose, as you will see, are also very versatile for work too. I believe part of being thrifty is that when you are buying pieces for your wardrobe, it always pays to have something you can wear for various things as oppose restricted only for one purpose!

The first thing I chose for him were a pair of knee length smart black chino shorts, which come with a belt. These I felt were a must for our holiday/essential for his wardrobe, as he only had denim shorts and I liked the idea of him having something a bit more posh! They look really good on him and suit him well. He loves the feel of them and said the belt was a great bonus.

For an everyday casual look I paired them with a white Tshirt that has a logo “Keep Exploring” on it. He liked the tropical vibe of this and said that the logo transfer was smooth and soft, unlike other cheaper T shirts he has had where they tend to feel more crisp! Both of these items were from the Jacamo brand and were very reasonably priced. We were both incredibly impressed by the softness of the fabrics and the excellent fit of them. Nathan is 6 ft 3 and wears an XL on top, with 38″ bottoms – both of these items (as well as the others) fit him very well and he commented on how comfortable and cool he felt whilst wearing them. He could run, play, move and carry the kids as he desired, and didn’t feel like his clothes were restrictive or irritable. I really like this outfit on him and he is pleased with my choices.

Up next are 2 short sleeved shirts. Nathan works in an office for the NHS and so is required to dress smartly for this! The office is incredibly warm too, and so he much prefers to have short sleeved shirts, paired with his Chino’s for work! I chose for him a lovely white French Connection short sleeved shirt as this one is super smart, trendy and would do him for church and work, as well as the fact that it would also look fresh in the sun on holiday with his new shorts for a smart look for when we go our dinner. It’s a great all rounder and he loves that it has a respected brand to it, is cool and a very comfortable fit and fabric.

The next one I imagined to be a little more casual for day wear when I chose it. I thought it would also look great with his new shorts for a more “smart-cas” look for sightseeing on holiday, or tucked in to his navy chino’s for work! It was a lovely olive green/navy checked shirt by Ben Sherman and was reduced by £16, making it only £34. This one was one of his faves, as he liked the longer length of it and has found it comfortable paired with both his shorts on a weekend, and with his chino’s for work (erm wonder wear those ideas came from?!)! The various colours in it make it work with so many other things, as well as through different seasons. I think it really suits him and is very flattering!

Mr Smith certainly feels the bees knees in his new gear and I think he looks rather attractive too! We both love the amazing array of sizing, brands and styles available through Jacamo and in our small experience here would agree that their clothing is excellent quality and we cannot fault their service. Jacamo cater for bigger and taller men and Nathan has certainly seen a big positive difference in the comfort and fit of their clothing compared to some of his current pieces.

If you have a man in your life (or are a man yourself reading this) then why not check out their site and see what gems you can find to spruce up your own/their look this Autumn. Whether for holidays, work, casual, or the upcoming Christmas season, there are some fantastic things for all shapes, styles and sizes, that are priced really reasonably too – ideal for gifting or sprucing up any man’s wardrobe/look.

Black Shorts – £30  |  White T shirt – £12  |  Ben Sherman Shirt – £ 34  | French Connection shirt – £30
*Thank you to Jacamo for gifting us these items in return for this review.They are so lovely and we will most definitely be shopping with them in the future. All thoughts and images are our own!


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