Slow the effects of ageing with FOREO Luna™ 2 facial-cleansing massager

When it comes to taking care of my skin, my routine is practically non existent. Aside from the odd application of Vitamin E face cream when I remember, I do nothing else to look after my good looks face and skin! I have always wanted a good routine, and especially as I am on the fast road to mid-30’s, doing something to prevent signs of ageing has been on my list of things to discover for a while. The truth is however, I haven’t taken the time to discover the right products yet and instead, I am ashamed to admit that I am that girl that goes to bed most nights without taking my makeup off (terrible habit I know) and I am also that girl that uses baby wipes to frantically take it off the next morning before slapping more on and legging it out to school with the kids!!

With this being my norm, I can totally understand why Swedish beauty and wellness brand FOREO has recognised that British people are more likely to take risks when it comes to their skin! Consequently they are targeting the market with a series of technology innovations that have been especially designed to help address the problem of looking old before your time – Hallelujah!

Slow the effects of ageing with FOREO Luna™ 2 facial-cleansing massager

Swedish beauty and wellness brand FOREO says pollution, work stress and lifestyle choices (sleeping with makeup on??) such as heavy drinking, increased obesity and sun worshipping, are making Brits age beyond their years.  According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 91% of the world’s population also live in places that exceed air quality guidelines and in the UK alone, more than 40 cities and towns have equalled or exceeded recommended limits.

With most pollution generated by traffic, people from Scunthorpe (practically on our doorstep), Gibraltar and Manchester are identified as the three most toxic towns – speeding up the appearance of both age spots and wrinkles.

It’s not just living in a polluted place though that can prematurely age a person – Your job can also have a significant impact on your skin too. Based on research from Schweiger Dermatology; a lack of Vitamin D, exposure to radiation and noxious substances, prolonged exposure to sunlight and any form of significant physical outdoor exertion which produces heavy perspiration can also accelerate the ageing process.

So, aside from moving to the Outer Hebrides, quitting your job or bankrupting yourself with expensive facial cleansers, what can you do to look your age or even younger?

Well, FOREO advise that gently cleansing your skin is one of the most effective ways of preventing early ageing. Specifically designed to be 99.5% more effective than washing your face with your hands, FOREO Luna™ 2 provides a deeper cleanse tailored to match specific skincare needs. With signature T-Sonic™ pulsations it removes dirt, oil and makeup residue,  and dead skin cells are cleared away – enhancing the absorption of skincare products and diminishing the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles.

Boris Raspudic, UK General Manager of FOREO said : “Over the last six years we have seen a huge increase in demand for skincare technologies that help conditions caused by premature ageing. With work stress increasing year on year, global warming and pollution still a major issue in the UK, protecting your skin is becoming ever more challenging. With the Luna™2, we have developed an answer to the problem which is effective, easy to use and which is so affordable, it won’t leave you eating beans on toast for the next few months.” (unless of course you want to!).

If like me you have bad habits when it comes to skin care routines, or perhaps lifestyle choices of drinking way more than you should or sun worshipping has caused damage to your skin, why not try slowing the effects of ageing with the FOREO Luna™ 2 facial-cleansing massager.

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