Review: The Daisy Cover

I am approaching almost 6 weeks of exclusively breastfeeding Alice and feel like things are going really well. It is so much different to how I felt about it previously and whilst for the most part my driving force is certainly convenience, I do feel more confident and happier with it than I ever have done, and I think this is down to me being comfortable with feeding in public now and having found the right things to help with this.

For the last couple of weeks I have been trying out “The Daisy cover”; It is a lightweight, poncho style cover up…a simple yet ingenious creation to help with modesty and ease when feeding in public. I have previously used a bib style cover which was made by one of my friends for me with Megan and was known better as a “hooter hider”, but on windy days especially I found on occasion it caused me to be exposed and then when little miss wriggle bum was all over the place she often would grab it too which again caused compromising situations. Also this time round, and for quickness and ease, I have been using swaddle Muslims…they are great when in a rush or at home with guests as it’s easy to throw over your shoulder, keeps her cool underneath and I always have one with me, but then at times she has become tangled up when she starts fussing or pulls on it and then it goes from convenient to just being super awks!


I loved the daisy cover as soon as I saw it and was delighted to be sent one to review.. it’s cool light fabric has been great on hot days and Alice doesn’t resist going under. I love the Poncho style as it sits nicely over you and relieves all worries of it falling down, being pulled down by baby or flapping with a sudden gust of wind.


It has been useful to keep on when I have finished feeding and whilst I wind, put her back in the pram or need to temporarily take her off to deal with something the other kids are doing. None of this is no longer an issue as I dont worry it will fall off and it covers up so well. Because of these reasons, I have loved using it when I am out for almost every feed, I even used it sat in church the last couple of Sunday’s and it was totally fine!

The side slits keep air circulating without exposing and the poppers across the top make it adjustable or open depending on your size and if you want a sneaky peel at baby.. I also love how compact it is, roll it up and tie it and then just pop in the bag. It is light and comfortable to wear and an easy to wash fabric and looks fine when you wear it.


For me this ticks all of the boxes to keep my confidence with feeding flowing, even when out and about. I don’t need to worry when or where she will need to feed or if I will be seen by the world because it keeps things discreet and is the best cover up option I have used for breastfeeding. It really has changed my life and I love using it.

daisy cover

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