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On Friday night I got together with some of my “mum friends” for a girls night in. With the lead up to mother’s day we thought it was about time we let our hair down (some more than others) and leave the kids with their dad’s and enjoy ourselves a little treat and chill out together. And so, with a few pizza’s from Domino’s on their £6.99 collection offer, a few bowls of doritos and some mocktails (in some cases cocktails) from Funkin, it was not a very wild night, but certainly a lovely and tasty evening together.

A few weeks ago I received some samples from Funkin Cocktails – creators of real fruit purées, syrups and pre-batched cocktail mixers to review. I know what you’re thinking – what is someone that doesn’t drink doing with all of that? Is it not a waste? But don’t fret, as a Teetotaler it is always such a wonderful treat to find new drinks you can enjoy outside of the usual boring Pepsi max or J20! Mocktails always make me feel a bit fancy and classy and they are a great addition to any party, dinner party, date night or like in our case – a girls night in!

Funkin cocktails use real fruit from all over the world, and working with some of the industry’s leading mixologists (as well as their own in house innovation team) they work tirelessly to develop new exciting flavours and serving techniques to excite and inspire their customers. Funkin is basically all about inspiring you to make the tastiest, highest quality cocktails possible, and make it super easy with their ready made mixers and purees.

I loved the opportunity to break the mould on what I am normally seen drinking and excite my tastebuds with a virgin mojito and a Guava punch!

Virgin Mojito 

My favourite was without a doubt the Mojito mixer which surprised me as I anticipated it would actually be the fruity ones I would like the best!! The mojito mix comes in a box similar to a fruit juice and has everything you need to add to a measure of rum for the perfect mojito. For me however I loved the ease of pouring it over ice and adding some sprite and a sprig of mint for a refreshing mojito mocktail. Oh my – it was so tasty and refreshing!

The mojito mix comes in a box for 10 servings and is about £8. It might sound a lot but if you think about it,  that’s only £1 per drink, which I think – how bargainous is that!? You can easily pay more for a coke when you go out and it isn’t half as exotic and fancy!


My next fave that I mixed up was using the guava puree. To this I added ginger ale, pineapple juice, ice and lime juice and again made a tantalizing refreshing number to sip as we laughed and chatted. It was both refreshing and yummy. Some my friends added other spirits to theirs and again said they were also delish!

Finally I made a them up a jug of “Bahama Mama” which was the biggest hit outside of the mojio’s. I don’t have any pics of that one – probably because they all downed them so quickly, but if you want some more inspiration on how funkin can boost your drinks menu, then check out the cocktail recipes that Funkin have on their site. If like me you don’t drink, you can substitute the spirits for sprite or ginger ale, and they still taste great. I put that down to the fact that the quality of the ingredients in the mixers and purees is great and so opting for a non-alcoholic version, you still maintain the quality and flavour.

So, whether you have a party coming up or fancy a mother’s day treat with sisters and friends, then Funkin Cocktails have a great array of ready made mixers and real fruit puree’s to inspire your drinks options. They are about £8 each and quite easily make a couple of jugs worth of cocktails/mocktails and I do think that is good value for money.

As someone who doesn’t drink, it was not only a lot of fun to mix and create these new drinks with friends, but it was tasty and exciting to be able to drink something out of the ordinary and enjoy the night. I love a good mocktail and funkin made it really easy to “mix up” our drinks choices on Friday – Thanks Guys!

*Thank you to Funkin for these free samples in return for this review. 

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  1. March 5, 2019 / 11:01 am

    Ohh! I do love a cocktail and these make them so easy to make at home. x

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