Review – The First Hippo on the Moon

It’s been ages since I laughed so much at the theatre like I did today with Ethan, his date and her mum, when we had the pleasure of seeing “The First Hippo on the moon” at the West Yorkshire Playhouse.

I have never read David Williams book that this stage performance has been adapted from, but that’s okay. You don’t need to know the story to appreciate and enjoy this marvellous adventure which features puppetry, music, mayhem and a giant space race to the moon! It was absolutely brilliant with fantastic props, costumes, jokes left, right and centre, music and a feel good moral. The cast worked incredibly hard and it was plain to see from start to finish.

As Megs was at Grandma’s, Ethan invited one of his female friends and so of course we mothers did what we do best and bigged it up to be a date! Complete with some sneaky hand holding on the way, smuggled lolly pops and lots of laughs, it was everything you’d want for a date at 6 years old (with or with out parents).

I loved to see not just them, but the whole theatre (old and young) laughing their heads off. Such a great atmosphere and even better – It kept their attention through out and was the topic of conversation on the way home too. Ethan said “It’s the best best bestest play in the world, because it is all about trumps and Poo-poo (every 6yr old boys dream apparently!!), and the hippo uses poo to fill the rocket up!”.

If you want to know what he is chatting about, then get yourselves to the playhouse for a gander! There are 2 days left to see this, with at least 2 performances being shown, and the kids will most definitely love it.

I really do love the theatre, and being there with my kids. It’s so special and exciting, especially when it’s a bit quirky, and more so when its quirky and laugh out loud funny. It was the perfect thing for kids from 3 upwards and the length was perfect and it captivated us all! I cannot say enough how brilliantly funny it was – I look forward to sharing more from David Williams with the kids, its right up our street!

Thanks to the West Yorkshire Playhouse for giving us a complimentary visit in return for our review.

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