Review – Fentiman’s Soft Drinks

I don’t know about dry January, but being Teetotallers (and LDS) our lives are dry yearly! We drink mainly water with our meals, fresh juices, most soft drinks and juices, and very much enjoy the odd “Posh Pop” for special occasions and date nights. We of course know what we like and have our favourites, but we are always on the lookout, and excited to discover new & tasty soft drinks to add a little fizz to our lives!

Last week Fentimans kindly sent us a gorgeous hamper filled with tasty goodness, and of course at the sniff of anything more than water the kids and Nath were sniffing round them immediately like bees to honey!

We tried them over Sunday dinner and then of course sneakily reserved some for date night too. There’s something so good about supping on a tasty chilled bevvy once the kids are in bed, and I must admit these really hit the spot! They are light, fragrant and fresh!

Fentimans drinks have been around since 1905, so they know what they’re doing here! They’re that little bit different to others as they are blended and infused with natural ingredients and botanical’s from around the world, and it is those ingredients, and how they blend them in such a creative way, that gives some unique and generally delicious flavours.

Their packaging is so much more beautiful now it comes in clear bottles as opposed to the old greener styles! I feel it makes it more obvious it is a soft drink, and looks way more appealing for a classy family drink. The beautiful colours of both the packaging and drinks themselves, along with crisp clear bottles make them look so fresh and appealing, and as we read each one we couldn’t wait to crack it open!

Thoughts on the taste 

Yes they look pretty, but how do they taste? Well since we’re experts in the soft drinks department as it’s all we drink, we can say that they taste pretty delicious indeed! You can certainly tell they have quality ingredients and flavours.

My most favourite was the Rose Lemonade! My oh my, this could be my new favourite drink across the board. It tastes like traditional lemonade but with an aftertaste of Turkish delight! Its so blumming tasty and I was intrigued to read recently on their twitter page that it contains real rose petals! So yeah… it’s pretty cool (and very delicious) stuff!

Second to this I enjoyed the Wild English Elderflower – we are quite partial to Elderflower drinks so this was great, and Nathan loved this one too. Next fave was the Ginger beer. To me personally the Ginger beer smelt stronger than it tasted unfortunately, but it was still really nice and light! Ethan did think it was more than strong enough though and promised he “really” liked it?!

Nath loved the Elderflower and Ginger beer as I say, and also really liked the “Mandarin and Seville Orange Jigger” which apparently is super fresh and tasty and nothing like you’re average “orange fizzy drinks!”.

They were possibly wasted with the kids, but what I love about any new drinks we try is that we can all sample and enjoy them because they are always soft drinks! They too enjoyed the Rose Lemonade, and informed us that “Tonic water is a tricky drink – it starts off nice then is really disgusting!”. I think they missed the part where I said wait until I’ve mixed it!!

As well as the Soft drinks, they also have mixers to make mocktails (or cocktails – whichever side of the fence you stand), and it was great to try their elder-flower syrup with both the tonic water and mixed in with the Rose lemonade for an incredibly delicious drink! (Add a sprig of mint and you have a pretty splendid mocktail for your weekend get together’s or meals in)! It tasted so fresh and fragrant and we very much enjoyed the combo.

After sampling these and looking at the rest of their product range, I have on my list is to try next the Grapefruit tonic water and the sparkling lime and Jasmine! (Don’t they just sound so gorgeous?). But for now I am so glad to have discovered a new option of posh soft drinks with a great range to enhance our get togethers and family meals. They are such a treat for date night and I would certainly recommend these as a tasty, crisp beverage for all the family!

Whether you are designated driver, attempting dry January, or like us are a no go with Alcohol, then you too might just love the fresh and creative flavours of Fentimans soft drinks!

* Thank you to Fetimans for sending us this lovely hamper of products for the purpose of this review! All thoughts and pictures are my own. 

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