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This week as a family (and couple) we have enjoyed a whole lot more chat about all kinds of random and deep things, most of which we perhaps wouldn’t otherwise have chatted about if it wasn’t initiated by our new game – “A little more conversation” (from Gamely).

Gamely sent us “A little more conversation” to try after hearing how much we enjoy family time and making moments to get away from screens and connect together! It is a really simple game (that’s not quite a game), filled with question cards that help you create brilliant conversations you want to have and is appropriate for all ages. We have each enjoyed the funny and thought provoking things it has raised and I love that you can play for a few brief minutes or for longer periods if time permits. It is one to get out at home – either with others or as a pair – and it is compact enough to pop into your bag for on the go with the kids, travels or car journeys!

Who are Gamely?

I love that Gamely Games is a small business that began with a focus on family relationships. Hazel (who owns it) began by creating fun little games on her commutes between London and Brighton, to encourage her 12 year old sister at the time off her ipad and to have more fun with the family – especially at Christmas time. From there it developed into her turning this first creation – Randomise – into a real-life game for others to enjoy too, and she has since being passionate about creating games that get people together to laugh, have fun and connect with one another.

The business has grown over the last 5 years (along with her family) and along with Tina and Chris (and a couple of others) they work together to create games that help connect others and provide Joy! They are also a business that does good for the world too… Gamely are committed to giving at least 10% of their profits away, which has made a great impact over the last couple of years.

Gamely are fun, friendly and passionate, and all about getting friends and families together. Even in these uncertain times, their games can be played at home together or, like the one we have, over Zoom with friends and family too to maintain and even increase connections with others.

What is “A little more Conversation”?

A Little More Conversation is a small card game with lots of opportunity and potential to talk with anyone of any age – family, friends, kids, partners, colleagues or complete strangers – about anything you want to. It retails at £15 and with more than 300 questions across 5 different categories, it lets you create the feel good conversations that you want to have.

With this game there’s space for conversations that are as big or as small as you like and depending on who you are playing with, you can choose where the conversation goes – light and fun, or more deep and meaningful. There are choices on every card and the questions are each designed to help you smile, laugh together and connect with others.

You simply pick one out from whichever category you so feel inclined to, and then ask the question(s) you desire to. We play it where the person can aim the question at another individual, or where we all have to go around and answer it. It is great for the kids (and probably us too) to have these questions in their minds, for when they meet new people or are with family and friends, to be able to spark up interesting conversations and to be more sociable individuals and, for them to gain more confidence and thought in how they converse.

What we thought…

I love this little box of opportunity… to discover more about my own thoughts and views and to discover the same in others (especially my husband and kids). Like all games, I love that it provides an opportunity to focus on family fun, communication and interaction over being on media and tech. I especially love that it creates and deepens conversations with one another and get’s us thinking more about life – I just enjoy the chat it creates between us as husband and wife and also with the kids (and them as siblings). I often want to tell my kids stories of the past, but don’t always remember them (old age?); this game however has had them asking the key questions that trigger some of those experiences and stories and it is such a fun thing to be able to share in together, as well as hearing their views on life and thoughts for the future.

I look forward to when I can have a girls night to crack it out and bond with friends and laugh together too. I also see it being great for the kids to be able to pick it up and play independently with each other, or with their cousins and friends when they get together – to increase relationships, conversation, reading ability and social skills.

Mr Smith Said“It is a great and casual way to get to know people, whilst also being fun. I also enjoyed playing it together as part of date night and to talk about new things and ideas together”. 

Ethan (Age 10) said“I like that you get to know your friends and family, and that it really gets you thinking.”

Megan (Age 8) Said“I like asking mummy and daddy new questions and it gives me ideas of how to talk to new people too. I think if you go to a party and don’t know many people you could take this and then you will know them.”

We have decided for the foreseeable to keep this in the car as we have really liked how quickly time passes when we are engaged in it and it also makes our travels far more interesting (and less contention with siblings). It is also a prime opportunity to use the time in the car to talk more together as a family … about ideas, goals, likes and dislikes and everything in between that these cards raise for us.

If you want to get talking more or want to encourage your kids to increase their social skills (especially on a deeper level) then “A little more conversation” is a real gem. Whoever you open this box with, be ready to laugh, share and experience some of the most enjoyable conversations you’ve ever had, because better relationships are only a chat away!

*Gamely gifted us this game in return for an honest review. 

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