“The Potting Shed” & Eating out with kids

Eating out with kids these days has become a bit of an ordeal. It’s a battle to keep them in their seats and then their hands off your drinks so you can keep it floaty free! Yes its a lot more crowd control than relaxing together over a nice meal and I sometimes wonder why we even bother. From the moment they step through the door, their manners leave and by the end I can’t wait to get out as I feel so drained. This (and half of their meal over the table and floor) is the reality of eating out with kids, and usually the reasons we question it. At least until we discovered The Potting Shed!

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Located in Beverley, Bingley (and soon to be NorthAllerton), the Potting shed is a quirky bar/restaurant serving incredibly delicious food that is fresh and excellent value. Not only this but they are child and dog friendly, and we were most excited to be invited this last weekend to the Beverley location. Whilst looking forward to it, I was also rather apprehensive as to what behaviour we would have from our little darlings as experience had taught me it can be a potential disaster, but I had hope in the fact that as we have been previously been to their spot in Bingley and the kids loved it, that the novelty would still be there, and thank goodness it was!


With watering can, tin bucket and plant pot light fittings, the garden themed wall paper and tiles throughout, and general plant pot decor, garden tools and wood piles lining the wall, there are not only a whole lot of exciting things to look at and talk about, but it brings together a decor that is simply wonderful and I love it. From floor to ceiling as soon as you step foot inside it feels unique and exciting! I love just admiring its style and it makes me happy to visit there. You can either eat inside at general tables and benches, or outside in the sheds. But after just a small battle over that choice, it was decided that we were to eat inside where it was extra cosy (though the kids were slightly disappointed to not be in the sheds).

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The food was and is exquisite, with fresh ingredients that are full of flavour. The staff also were so upbeat and lovely. What makes the Beverley location extra special is that it is ran by a couple who are married and so it adds that wonderful family friendly vibe, and generally all of their restaurants just possess a great atmosphere.

I’d say the menu is great for every pallet and lifestyle choice and there is a good variety for kids too. Nathan had a burger with sweet potato fries, the kids a chicken pasta bake each, and me…well I was blown away by the mother of all chicken and veggie kebabs with tzatziki dressing. The drinks menu has a wide choice too and whilst the kids and Nath opted for a safe bet in a lemonade each, I ventured out to the mocktail’s, which I would highly recommend as a fruity fresh bevvy!

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There were no battles at this meal (other than deciding on where we would eat), because this suddenly seems to be our new fave family spot. The kids just love the excitement of it all and I would have to agree. It impresses me that as well as delicious meals, quirky decor and the option to eat in a shed, The Potting Shed also has a little games table where you can borrow and enjoy a game of chess or domino’s whilst you wait or just enjoy a drink. It really adds to the “kids welcome” atmosphere and makes eating out as a family that little bit more fun with out a soft play right next to you!


I have never been so relaxed eating out with kids as I have been when we have visited The Potting Shed. They have talked about it every day since and love to remember those spades on the wall and plant pot lights (and how funny it apparently is that they have wood on the walls?!), and I am relieved to find a lovely stylish place, serving up amazing food where we can have a lovely healthy meal together and talk about all of the things around us.


So if you find yourself in Yorkshire or are fortunate enough like us to live here, then go check it out! Whether its as a family meal, date night or catch up with friends, The Potting Shed is a gorgeous spot serving gorgeous food for a relaxed and wonderful time for all.

And now until the end of February, the Beverly one have a yurt where you can enjoy a meal or drinks in winter style by a wood burning stove.

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*Thanks so much to The Potting Shed for a gorgeous complimentary meal in return for an honest review! All thoughts and pictures are my own! 

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  1. December 13, 2016 / 8:43 am

    Wow! I love everything about this! The decor, the food options and the fact that you can have a grown-up feeling meal with the kids! I also find eating out stressful (more with my younger one!) but this looks brilliant. And eating in a yurt.. how very cool is that! Gorgeous photos as always and thanks for linking up with #YorkshireFamily

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