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I wrote recently about how we let our kids choose 2 things to do each term as an extra curricula activity, but both Ethan and Megan have only being doing street dance since Megan decided she wanted to attend Gymnastics elsewhere (yet to be found) and Ethan couldn’t decide on a second activity to pursue! I have suggested anything from football to gymnastics and athletics to karate. I have offered him most sports I could think of in the area as well as musical theatre, and beavers. It has been a “no” to them all!

He initially asked to play football, but after setting up a football taster and not even making it to it, he decided it wasn’t for him, and has since also declined a second offer of beaver scouts too. He has however expressed a keen interest in learning to play the piano.

Whilst I don’t want to be a pushy parent, I do want my kids to be using their time well, and just feel that a couple of classes each week can help with this goal. And so Piano lessons are at the top of list!

I figured initially that this would be an easy thing to get him into and lessons would be easy to access since Mr Smiths family are all very musical. Unfortunately with busy schedules all round, my initial idea to pay an aunt to teach him isn’t possible at this time and so have resorted to outside of the family.

In my hunt for finding piano lessons for the new year, I came across a nifty website “Bidivine” where you can search in your area for anything from a cleaner or plumber to piano lessons. It is super useful in situations like this to get a list of people to access for the things you want.



How the site works

Once you have selected what it is you are searching for, the site then asks you a series of questions to narrow down the right person for the job. I quite enjoy doing little surveys and found that the questions were very good and applicable, and some questions even surprised at how specific they were.



After telling them about music experience, age of the person the lessons are for, your goals and type of music you want to learn. It then asks your access to (in this case) a piano. Next it narrows down your availability and how soon you want to start.

The final step is using either email or Facebook you create an account before receiving teachers that match the criteria. For me it was a notification email that they will be in touch by a certain date.

I absolutely loved using it and the idea of it to save time and connect local businesses. I will certainly be trying it again in the future for various jobs and pursuits we have. It was easy to use (and maybe a bit fun too), as well as being quick and specific. As a busy parent it takes out a lot of work and google searches that potentially could lead to dead ends! I like that when I am contacted by the teacher, they will already know exactly what we want, and how hold he is etc without asking lots of questions.

He may or may not be the next Mozart, but it is exciting he is so into the idea of learning music. I am excited to strike whilst the irons hot and get him into music whilst he is young and keen and am really hoping this is something he sticks at, as having music training is such an asset to the family and church. It will also give him many opportunities in school too and I am sure be attractive to the girls when he is older!! Not to mention a confidence builder, talent and hopefully a passion. A little pianist…how exciting!


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