A Peter Rabbit Party with Baking Mad

Since moving to the village I have been fortunate enough to meet some lovely new mum friends. Most of them are my neighbours too (which tends to happen when you all live in such a small community), and it was brilliant to be able to have a bunch of them over with their kids on Saturday for a “Baking Mad” Peter Rabbit party and natter!

We had 17 kids in our home (with parents), which Ethan and Mega loved, and as you can imagine was also a little nuts! But what a great afternoon we all had, and how much fun it was to host a very happy “un-birthday” party for our new friends!


Baking Mad

Baking Mad is an online company rich in recipes and kits sent straight to your door, to help you make the perfect bake! Whether breads, Pizza’s, Pastries or celebration cakes like the one we had, they have them all (and more) at your finger tips!

We were sent a box filled with the instructions and ingredients to make a Peter Rabbit Celebration cake. The box was packaged lovely, the ingredients neatly packed, and the instructions clear to follow.


As baking is not my strong point, I was more than a little nervous to get cracking with it. The usual scene whenever I bake is me ranting and getting stressed, followed by a creation that only a 2 year old could have thrown together. But when I tried my hand at the Baking Mad kit last Friday, I was over the moon (and a little very shocked) to discover that it all came together so well. Not only that but it looked really cute and impressive as well, and tasting absolutely delicious too.

Also in the kit was enough ingredients and accessories for 12 Cupcakes too – I again made these with little stress and found that they too worked out really well.

Never in all my years of attempting to bake/decorate cakes for the kids parties has it ever worked out as well as my Peter Rabbit cake that I made for Saturday’s Baking Mad party. I really enjoyed doing it, and I loved the results too, and so for that I give them a big thumbs up!

The Peter Rabbit party

Once the cake was made it was time to crack on with party prep! Baking Mad also sent us some of the peter Rabbit accessories that compliment the party well and are available in their shop.

I set the table in the conservatory with a garden green table cloth and food and drinks. At one end I had the regular little buffet and drinks, at the other the cake, cupcakes and favours. For the favours I put marshmallows in piping bags (99p for 20) and called them “Bunnies Tails” – they went down a treat! For the little tots I put them a rabbit chocolate and little toy in the party bags and again they mostly loved them too (I think some felt jipped when they saw the marshmallow cones)!!!!


I did some dancing/Action songs with the kids to start off with that all had a rabbit theme to them, and then we played pass the parcel (with a Peter Rabbit Magazine as the prize) and pin the tail on the bunny! After all of the shannonigans we fed them pizza, crisps and veggie sticks whilst watching Peter rabbit, and then ended with the cutting of the cake and scoffing it!

From parents to kids alike it was a unanimous vote of thumbs up!



I don’t know what it was about this kit or it’s instructions, but I feel like I opened a miracle! Like I say this is the first EVER time I have ever done a party cake and it has not only tasted nice, but looked absolutely amazing too. I was in shock!!! It is the first time I have baked something and being able to really proud of it, and with that had loads of people impressed by it too (in person and on line!). Because my bakes are normally so naff, this definitely gets a thumbs up from me as being a successful idea and product.

Price wise however I’ll be honest and say I’m not so sure. The kits are £40 But then you need like 700g of butter and 9 eggs on top of that cost, as well as a couple of pounds on the carrot toppers for the buns! So for both the cake and cupcakes the thrifty part in me can’t help feeling like the ingredients on their own are a fraction of that and so am questioning whether or not the pride and satisfaction and lovely taste out weighs the costings of it? What do you think?

 If you do like the idea and want to make a Pirate, Unicorn, Princess, Superheroes or this Peter Rabbit cake, then hop over to their website and click on “shop” and get 25% off all party cake kits til the end of the month.

Saturday was so much fun with friends and family, and yes – There ain’t no party quite like that of a Baking Mad Un-birthday party!

I work as a TalkToMums rep and was sent this kit (and extras) for the purpose of sharing it with friends in person and reviewing it online. I have been compensated for this.

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