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A few months ago I thought I was totally winning at life when I had the washer going for our 2nd load that day, the dryer doing the first load I had washed that morning, and the dishwasher doing its thing too. The kids were watching a film in the lounge and I was frantically hoovering. And then, all of a sudden – BOOM – it all came to a sudden stop and mad panic ensued.

We had no power!

“The newly bought food shopping is surely ruined now because now the fridge is off!”.

“And how the heck do you work this fancy range cooker that has consequently locked itself … because of said power cut?”.    

Our life was in chaos!

In all of my enthusiasm I had tripped the electricity with using too many things at the same time, and whilst our lack of power had a cheap and quick fix, it made me realise that powering a home with a small tribe of kids is far from being a cheap or even easy experience – especially when you live on a budget. Some days I can quite easily be doing 4+ loads of washing and drying, not to mention the dinners, charging of phones, Ipads and lights. On good days I crack out my hairdryer, straighteners and still – quite easily a load or 2 of washing and drying clothes!

We use a lot of electricity – as I am sure you do too and I cannot begin to imagine having to think about topping up my energy to accomodate all of that.

I say “I cannot begin to imagine having to think about topping up my energy to accomodate all of that”, because when I hear “pay-and-Go energy” I automatically think of the hassle of going to the local shop to top up in time, and the stress of random power cuts like we felt that day, because you forgot to top in time! Perhaps you do too?

Well it is time for us to change our mindset and get with the times. Growing up in the 90’s and hearing of these energy top us scenarios may have been true at the time, but here in 2019 things are different – very different. We live at a time now where we can get most things instantaneously, so why should our energy be any different? It shouldn’t, and thanks to Boost it isn’t!

BOOST – PAYG energy reimagined!

BOOST is a new leg of energy company OVO, and is purely aimed at focussing on making PAYG energy smarter and easier for their customers. With their new “BOOST Smart PAYG+” customers that pay for their energy as they go, will never have to top up at the shops again!! (Yes, really!)

No more mad dashes, no more random power cuts and no more hassle.

Whatever the time of day, or wherever you are, via their new app you can be in control and have your power at your fingertips. You can not only See how long your latest top up will last you for the mayhem of powering family life, but you will also get alerts when you’re running low. You can then do auto-tops, or top up online, on the app, Via SMS or, for a little nostalgia – at the shops with one of their smart cards!

This is all made possible when you have a SMART meter installed, and consequently put your energy into your control. 

A Smart little Incentive

Because Boost are so confident that you will love the ease and control of their new pay-and-go energy solutions, they are offering up to £30 off via their smart incentive offer when you have a smart meter installed. Thats a hearty £15 free credit on Gas and £15 pounds free credit on Electricity, back into your hands when you book an installation by the 30th April 2019 (T&C’s apply). To make the most of this offer all you need to do is quote the unique code: BOOST6 for our readers when you sign up to BOOST.

So, whilst maybe back in 1990 PAYG energy meant one more thing to think about, mad dashes to the corner shop and random power cuts, here in 2019 things are much different.BOOST have reimagined Pay-and-go energy for their customers and made life so much easier. At a time where there is an app for anything from weight loss to dating and food shopping to sleep monitoring, they have now given you one to enable you top up your energy right from where you are. You’ll never again have those moments of panic regarding your energy because they have given you a very smart solution! And, by being able to top up your energy bill on your phone, and getting early warnings of when your credit is running low, life can flow nicely and you can spend your time on more important things  – Just be careful not to get too excited and trip the power with enthusiasm!

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