Loving Ginger with Duerr’s

A few weeks ago we were asked by Duerr’s to take up the challenge of creating something using their Chunky Ginger preserve, which is a great product for this Autumnal season, as its warm flavours are perfect for blowing away the cobwebs and kick-starting the immune system as the cold season is will and truly here!
WP_20151013_14_48_26_ProHalf of my family is ginger, so its something I am used to and love, but it isn’t something I tend to keep in stock at home or regularly use. I was however very intrigued by this “Jam” and my initial thought was to use it somehow in a curry and then also in a dessert too. That was as far as I got with my ideas, so accepted the challenge and then decided to come up with the logistics of it all once it arrived.

I decided that Yes I would make a curry with it and also use it on Ethan’s Birthday cake as he had asked for a lemon sponge, and to me Lemon and ginger seemed a delightful combo!

Firstly The Curry: 
I love to make curries and as this week was “National curry week” (who’d have thought) it was the perfect excuse to give it a go. Both Nathan and the kids dislike spicy foods, so I have to choose wisely when cooking and will always push the boundaries on how much spice I can get away with. I chose a Korma and gave it my own twist – and it was divine!

We are very lucky living here in West Yorkshire to have asian food stores all over and so spices are very easy and cheap to come across.

WP_20151013_16_18_11_ProShan Korma mix, Natural Yoghurt, One onion, Meat of choice, Garlic and Duerr’s chunky ginger preserve. Optional – Spinach and Corriander

1. In a bowl combine 2 table spoons of the Preserve, Shan packet and garlic (I used powder as didn’t have fresh)
WP_20151013_16_23_39_Pro2. Marinade the meat in it and set aside.
3. Heat oil and cook diced onions
WP_20151013_16_26_19_Pro4. Once cooked add to natural yoghurt and add the meat to the remaining oil to stir fry off
WP_20151013_16_33_34_Pro5. This is where I added shredded spinach and corriander
WP_20151013_16_35_52_Pro6. finally add the onion and yoghurt mixture and leave to simmer. SMELLS AMAZING
7. Serve with rice or Naan and enjoy
InstagramCapture_aa262ac5-28ce-48b9-bd08-7ea30adeb0caThis tasted as good as take out only it made your body feel 10x better. The preserve gave it a deliciously sweet taste and the ginger was very evident along with the other spices. I was amazed how well it turned out and will definitely use it in a lentil curry I like to make too with a tomato base and garam masala seasoning.

Next – Ethans Lemon and Ginger Birthday cake
Ethan was very specific on wanting a Spiderman cake with lemon sponge for his birthday this year and so I had the idea to do a sandwich style with a lemon butter cream filling and Duerr’s chunky ginger preserve. I am not a baker by any stretch of the imagination, but I do like to give it a go on their birthdays at the very least.

1. I made and baked 2 lemon sponges
WP_20151013_16_04_50_Pro2. Once cooled I spread the Ginger preserve on one cake and added lemon butter-cream before adding the top cake.
WP_20151013_17_14_46_Pro3. I shockingly attempted to decorate it with a Spiderman theme
WP_20151013_17_38_12_ProDespite looking like a 5 year old had made this himself, the cake inside was delicious. The zest of the lemons with the kick of the ginger was gorgeous. It was such a tasty combo and a refreshing change to the ordinary jams that I would usually have used, and lets face it, its what’s on the inside that counts – right?

There is no denying the gingery-ness of this preserve, it is full of flavour but not over powering or “spicy” like you perhaps would expect. Of course ginger isn’t to everyone’s taste, but we were VERY impressed by it and its another ginger were loving! Not only have we used it in baking and cooking, but Mr Smith has thoroughly enjoyed eating it on toast too and finds it delicious. Its such a seasonal taste, warming and very yummy indeed…grab a jar and see what you can create and enjoy with some ginger in your life (its almost like ginger beer in a jar)!

Disclaimer: Duerr’s sent us a complimentary jar of their chunky ginger preserve to see what we could create. All thoughts, opinions and pictures are my own. 

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