Lidl Football Zone

A couple of weeks ago our family, along with many others, enjoyed some football fun and healthy snacks in Leeds City Centre with Lidl and the FA at one of their “Lidl Football Zones“!

Whilst Ethan and Megan say they love football, and try super hard to demonstrate their skills in the garden, I was surprised that they were initially rather apprehensive about the whole thing. Dare I say Megan does have a better technique, but as neither have done anything more than a kick about at the park / in the garden with daddy, it was a great opportunity to have them learn some real skills in a fun and professional environment.  Nath on the other hand was just super excited to be finally getting his kids into one of his passions, and soon enough all 3 of them were dribbling, kicking and becoming very competitive as they worked their way around the various football skills .


Lidl football Zone is designed to be a fun family experience, and we can all say that it was certainly that (so much fun). If you didn’t know already (their stores do have posters advertising it), last year they teamed up with the FA (England, Scotland and Wales) as a proud partner of grass roots football. Together they aim to get more kids/young people into football, and in pursuit of accomplishing this goal are currently touring the UK hosting “Lidl Football Zone” days, where families can experience football focused activities with FA coaches on hand to offer advice and guidance. Lidl then provide free drinks, fruit and hot and cold food sampling for families to try their healthy, fresh and British produce. Delicious, active and fun, and best of all free – the perfect ingredients for some family time with vouchers and a goody bag too! It was and is GREAT!


Been a part of this really was just fantastic and the coaches were so patient, encouraging and absolutely brilliant with the kids. We had a good laugh with them all and they were brilliant at engaging with everyone at every age! It helped me see in Ethan, that whilst initially shy, this is something he loves and really got into. He didn’t want to leave, but instead keep on going and tried each skill again and again to prove he knew what he was doing! He has talked about it so much since and I think that it is something he would really like to start training in (que excited daddy).
One thing I picked up on and thought was so well planned, was that Lidl chose coaches from the local area, and so each event is unique to the people living there. Because the coaches are all local, they are able to offer advice and directions on where your kids can train, and from the child’s perspective… he has already met and worked with them, been encouraged and praised by them and so barriers have been removed should he take it up.


Our family already love Lidl and have done for years, with its delicious food and bargainous prices and never knowing what you might find to me is a great shopping experience. Its sad but certainly a reflection of my age that I now find so much joy from food shopping and getting lots of tasty things for our family with a nice bill at the end. We also love football too, and it was around this sport that Nathan and I did a lot of dating! To have both teamed up to promote football for families and young people I think is super and the timing couldn’t be better with the Euros in full swing. I thought the whole morning was lovely and loved to observe in a matter of minutes our child’s confidence and athletic ability significantly improve and see them so enthusiastic and competitive.

Lidl and the FA will be touring the country this summer with these events (info here)… do stop by as it is great family fun, lovely produce to sample and you never know what vouchers you may get or things you could win! #LidlFootball

Disclaimer: I am a member of the Mumsnet Bloggers Panel, a group of parent bloggers who have volunteered to review products, services, events and brands for Mumsnet. I have not paid for the product or to attend an event. I have editorial control and retain full editorial integrity. [I have received a voucher in return for writing this post].

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