Ideas For Creating a Baby Nursery

Designing the nursery where your child will sleep, play and grow up, is an incredibly exciting part of growing your family. However, planning for your new arrival can also be a daunting thing too – especially for first time parents. Having had 4 pregnancies, and raising a small tribe of kiddies, you would hope that as an old timer I might have some level of knowledge and expertise about everything, from picking colour schemes and furniture, to making sure the room is safe and contains all the essentials you need!!

Whilst I wouldn’t class myself as an expert (or even old timer), I do however have some insights to help with this process and thought it would be good all the same to share some of the tips I have learned along the way. I a hope that the will alleviate any stresses and help new parents or soon to be parents as you design your nursery in anticipation for your new baby. 

Soft and Soothing Colours

When it comes to colour schemes, there are endless possibilities for your baby’s room. You only have to go on pinterest to be faced with countless amazing ideas, that showcase vintage, glam, monochrome, animals and nature, or fairies and rainbows! There are so many possibilities, however, as your baby grows and develops into a little person, I assure you that they will let you know what out of all of the above (if any) they want, and will be keen to decorate in their favourite colours and characters! It is such an enjoyable thing to help them create their own space, but for now though, and with a baby, I would suggest you try to keep colours relatively neutral and soft – after all, as parents, you’re the ones who will be looking at the colour scheme the most and when you’re tired and sleep deprived.

I personally would keep it fairly gender neutral and accessorize with pinks or blues (if that’s your vibe!) or fabrics that will match your personal taste and the theme you want for babies room. You don’t know that maybe down the line the room will  be used for something else or they will share with a sibling, and if it has a neutral base, it will not only create a calm space for baby and you, but it makes it far easier to switch up uses and styles! 

Create a Safe Layout

In addition to choosing a cot and mattress that meets safety regulations, you will also need to think about how the room is laid out. This is probably really obvious but just in case, some ways you can keep baby safe is by making sure their cot/crib is out of reach of radiators, lamps, power cables, wall sockets, curtains and windows.

All of these, as well as too much clutter (or things they can reach and pull into the cot/on top of them) can quickly become a hazard to your sweet baby – especially as they start to crawl and become mobile – trust me!! 

A Comfortable Chair

While there’s loads of stuff you’ll need specifically for your new little baby (create a wish list for your baby shower!), don’t forget a comfortable chair for you too. Whatever way you feed your baby, a chair is so important as you will spend a lot of time in here feeding or just holding and comforting your new addition! As they grow its nice to sit them on your lap and read and with all of that in mind, you will most likely need somewhere comfortable to sit day and night. 

To find the right one for you, just go and try a few out. While an armchair may be right for one new mum, another might prefer a rocking chair – It’s purely a case of personal preference. I would suggest checking Gumtree or Facebook marketplace for both nursery chairs and furniture as in my small experience you can get some really fab preloved deals to help cut the cost of having a baby! My favourite was the katy crib we got for Alice! 

Adaptable and Practical

Creating a practical room for your baby is essential but you also want it to be cute and stylish too. The good news is you can achieve this by thinking about how you can adapt the space. As I say, whilst a neutral colour scheme can be soothing for newborns, they’re also more flexible as your little one grows and their tastes changes. Also, while you could invest in a changing table, a large dresser and a table top changing mat can work just as well too (just make sure you always watch baby on them). 

Storage is also something to think about with practicalities! A nice chest of drawers is ample for a baby and great to keep socks, vests, baby grows and bibs neat. Laundry baskets double up as great toy/soft toy storage, and picture rails (like the ones in Ikea) are really useful to stand books and little trinkets on!

In addition to these tips and ideas, it is also necessary to have the basics covered too. This means plenty of muslins, blankets, waterproof mats, a room thermometer and different lighting (both practical ceiling lights to soothing night lights). One of my must haves for babies is large muslins – they are great for swaddling, cleaning, burping and shielding from lights and sun! 

Art work is another way to personalise a room without overdoing it – quotes, animals or alphabet prints in frames can bring a lovely style to a babies nursery with minimal effort.

Whatever you choose though, I am sure your precious new bundle will be surrounded by joy and love! Don’t stress it, but be assured that by number 4 you are happy to just find a small corner to call theirs!!!

*Collaborative post 


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