GoldStar Recruitment – Offering Relief Chef’s to London and Beyond!

For those of you who don’t know me beyond this blog, won’t know that I spent a huge chunk of my teens and early 20s working in hospitality. Growing up on the Yorkshire coast, jobs in hospitality were ten a penny (as the old saying goes), and I was fortunate enough to work in several areas of this industry. It was during this period that I not only grew in confidence with customer service and working in fast paced environments, but it is also where I picked up a lot of skills that I use frequently in my own home for cooking and general cleaning techniques even now.

Hospitality is an industry that is fast moving, tasty and also a lot of hard work – With lots of long hours and one where I know is hard to get time off – especially in certain high/busy seasons –  it is great news therefore to discover “Goldstar Recruitment”  – hospitality recruiters covering Oxfordshire, London, and everywhere in between! Not many recruiters get my attention but Gold star has; perhaps because I can relate to the industry and spotted its exciting offer of ‘a free Relief Chef for the week’ (when you make a 5 week booking before the end of April). I expect that this will be music to many Chef’s ears right now who need holiday cover or are just super busy and need more help! It is literally life changing to the industry and super exciting for Hospitality establishments throughout London. It also enables chefs UK wide to be able to seek work in the capital too (should that be your dream!).

So, for any of my chef readers out there seeking out a new role, or for those looking for new talent in your kitchen here is some great news. This new agency has your back! And, being well renowned in their home county of Oxfordshire this fine breed of recruiters and ex-industry professionals are shouting from the towers about their superb Relief Chef service which is now new to London. Why not head over to Goldstar’s website – and get following them on social media to get to know them better. Let’s see what this awesome Star brand can bring to London, surrounding areas and our food businesses.

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