Getting More from your bevvy!

Over the weekend I have read various posts about what a scorcher last week was, it was and it was lush. It was everything I hoped for this season and its just a shame it didn’t stay. Every day we piled on the sun cream, packed a bag with snacks and drinks and went off for the day to parks, outdoor paddling pools, picnics, walks and general Free fun in the sun. It was great.
V__4484I try to be the healthy mum and only give my kids water to drink as well as monitor their sugar intake…I wouldn’t say I was super strict with it (which might explain their frequent nutty behaviour) but I am always aware and usually good at standing my ground with treats and sugary drinks/juice and they respond very well to it. We are getting good at the whole compromise things… at least until they see their mates with juice and fruit shoots and on occasions like last week when the sun is out and then it seems to trigger uber whining that “we waaannnntttt jjjjuuuiiiiccceeee tooooo muuummmmyyyy” and Ethans fave saying “Don’t be tight mummy give us some juice” (#Rude)!

As a compromise and to save headaches and whining (and rude attitudes from my almost 5 yr old) I choose at times to give them or let them have flavoured water aka “juicy water” on these occasions!  I have painted for them the picture that its oh so magical as its water but tastes like juice (and has far less sugar…win win)! I am really impressed with the More drinks range as it not only is “Juicy water” but it tastes way better than your standard flavoured waters and has the added bonus of extra vitamins and minerals and the option of still or sparkling and “a little more” range for the youngsters! My kids loved they had a mini version of “an adult drink” haha they’re really giving you more from ya bevvy…especially in the heat they were so refreshing,
WP_20150630_13_02_28_ProI first heard about them at Blog on Mosi a few months ago and thought “what a mint idea” – flavoured spring water with a choice of added vitamins, it reminded me of a smoothie with a shot but in water form and half the price! What a bonus! The kids ones have calcium as well as the Vitamin stated and whilst I am confident with the foods we eat that they are getting their balance of vitamins I would choose a drink for as oppose to the “tablet” form if I  was giving them extra vitamins. But even without that aspect I deffs prefer them for the kids over other brands of kids drinks as they have less sugar and rubbish and come in a bigger bottle.  The kids also preferred them as their is a wider range of flavours and again “More to drink” !
Mr Smith found them invigorating in the office too and so they are perfect for the whole fam wherever we are and whatever we are doing!
InstagramCapture_4dfe6399-d2cf-483e-bcbb-86a1ad1821f3FullSizeRender (5)MORE DRINKS sent us a selection of drinks to try for FREE but all words and thoughts are my own. Learn more here.

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