Friends, Food & Big Potato Games!

The older I get, the more joy I find in being with friends and family, eating good food and playing fun games together! It is an occasion that is always filled with banter and chats, and everyone always seems to get into it and have a laugh – I find it good for the soul and a real time to bond with one another!

Because of this, for the last few months Nathan and I have wanted to get together with some of our friends and have a games night to try out 2 fantastically funny games we were kindly gifted from Big Potato Games but, for one reason or another (usually the kids!), it just didn’t work out. This last weekend however it finally did. We all enjoyed a lovely buffet, and whilst the kids played in the sunshine we had plenty of banter, laughs like we’ve not had in ages, and a whale of a time playing “Weird things Humans Search For” and “Scrawl”! 

Who Are Big Potato Games? 

Big Potato Games are an indie board game company based in trendy Shoreditch (East London!). They are creators and refiners of all kinds of games from shout-out rhyming party games to death-defying adult escape games. Some are more family friendly than others, and some (like scrawl) are pretty adult only! One thing they do have in common though is that each one is easy and quick to pick up, but almost impossible to put down as they are just so much fun to play! As I said, we tried out “Weird Things Humans search for” and “Scrawl” and here is how we found it and what we thought.

Weird Things Humans Search For

Recommended for 14+ Weird things Humans Search for is a game where you have to guess the google search. The game cards give you the first line or couple of words, and then in teams (we did men Vs women) you have to come up with 2 answers that could complete the search! The more popular the answer is that you have written – the more points you get!

Some of them are really weird, some are just funny and then some are…well, a little rude! The quiz master can choose the cards, so you can obviously filter them (or not) depending on who you are playing with and what you deem appropriate!

We found this game incredibly easy to play and it can be as quick or as long as you want it to be. It was really funny to not only discuss possible searches, but also to hear one anothers answers and see where their minds are at (usually not in a good place I assure you!). And then of course the weird and wonderful answers on the cards too brought us all more confusion and laughter!

We all decided it was a fun and easy game, worth a decent score of 8/10. Some of the cards were “quite teenager” (we must be getting old!) and we also thought that after a few times playing, you would soon learn some of the answers! Other than that – thumbs up for a refreshing and funny new game to discover and break the ice at any party or gathering!


I don’t even know where to begin in explaining this game to you because it was not only nuts but It was, without a doubt, the most funniest and side splitting game any of us have ever played! Many of my friends commented (as they wiped away tears of laughter) that it was THE BEST game they have ever played and so was easily scored a 10/10 and thumbs up from them! For the rest it was a close 9/10!

Scrawl was hilarious and brilliant and every single one of us was in hysterics as we played it (even the shy ones!). What we loved about this game was how funny it was and that no matter how often you play it, there is always room for interpretation and so it will never be the same (even though the cards will at some point be repeated). You can score in this game, but we honestly found that scores were pretty irrelevant as it is literally all about the taking part – and that my friends brings great joy to all involved!

Scrawl is a guessing and drawing game. Each round, you draw a strange picture, then pass it on to the next player in the circle to write what they think it is, then the next person draws and so on… By the time your delightful drawing passes through your friends’ weird minds, things will have gone horribly wrong from the original phrase care you were given! It is a little complicated initially to organise everyone and ensure they know which one they are drawing on and which one to write – but you’ll soon pick it up and it’s great for up to 8 people to play!

It is also important to point out that this is not for the faint hearted at all! It is recommended for 17+ as some a lot of the cards are very adult in nature (though you could filter these too if you wanted to) and also, because (as we experienced) it can quickly spiral into questionable realms before you even realise – depending on who you play with and how they perceive things!!!

Both of these are on all of my friends christmas wish lists as “essential games for Christmas day and beyond”! They were so much fun to play together and absolutely hilarious. We loved them and guarantee they will bring a lot of laughs and fun to any game lover as a gift for birthdays or (dare I say it) Christmas! There really isn’t anything more lovely and funny than being with friends, enjoying food and playing games – it feeds the body and soul and leaves your sides aching from all the laughter!

What a great time we had this weekend, it turns out that friends, food and big potato games really are the ideal ingredients for an excellent afternoon or evening of laughter and fun.  Bring on the next gathering, because we already know what we will be doing for entertainment!

*We were gifted these games for the purpose of this review! 


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