Ethan’s 1st Sleeping Bag

I come from a family where despite being 4 girls all a couple of years apart, we were raised like boys in scout troop! When I finally started wearing make up somewhere around the age of 16 my friends didn’t believe that our idea of a fun evening growing up wasn’t painting nails and experimenting with make up, but was sat with exercise books learning ordinance and survey symbols and map reading! (True story)

Every Saturday included a hike, every holiday a tent and many trips to A&E for me!

We did raft building, hiking, mountain climbing, camping, backpacking, cycling and cliff jumping…to us it was normal, we all owned rucksacks, sleeping bags and wetsuits…our dad was a life long scout and very out-doorsy and when we hit teens we whined like no other about it all, but looking back it made life an adventure and we have a tonne of tales to tell and beautiful spots to remember.

I wanted but never expected I would have a son, so that I could pass these things on, I knew my daughters too would have fun like we did, but there was something about a boisterous son that I imagined would be in his element coming into our family, and with his love of life and the out doors Ethan fits perfectly into that dream.
InstagramCapture_e088b578-873b-47e5-912c-2788c8e447b4For many it may not seem like a big thing, but for Ethan his 1st sleeping bag is like a milestone in life, it is the key to more adventures and new experiences, an opportunity to bond with his Granddad and sleep in a tent! He was kindly sent it from  Planet Camping and it hasn’t left his side. He immediately wanted to call Granddad (my dad) to tell him all about it and plan a camping trip ASAP so that he could test it out. He carries it around on his back and sleeps in it at night pretending he is in a wood or by a hill side. He just LOVES it!
The pattern is the 1st thing he loved, the robots are great and right up his street. He was going slightly nuts about the “Awesome Robot sleeping bag” for a few days!
The bag is excellently designed to be a backpack, so very easy for a 5 year old boy to carry around from place to place, and I am so impressed that something so obvious as making it this way would be so useful as a parent and for him to be independent!
From a parents perspective it is very well made and designed to a high standard. The “mummy” design means that it can go over his head to keep him warm at night (we loose most heat from our heads and this design is good for cold nights in a tent).
WP_20160216_09_48_19_ProNext it is made from “hollow fibre” which is excellent for retaining heat… whilst it is a synthetic material, it acts like wool and so once he’s snuggled he will keep warm all night. Another feature is the tubing on the zipper, this again adds to its ability to retain heat! Okay I am sounding super geeky now but coming from the back ground I have its kind of normal conversation! But overall what you need to know it that its a brilliant sleeping bag for an adventurous little boy and you can see it (and others) here on their website. To him its comfy and looks great with a design he is into and as a parent you know wherever they are they will be warm and cosy!
InstagramCapture_317887ac-f6b5-4bd7-8507-50cdcb92515fI am so excited now the kids are good walkers, water lovers and fuelled by adventure that we can start to take them to the places we enjoyed as kids. That we can have regular camping trips and sleeping bag snuggles!
InstagramCapture_b2e71aaf-f26b-473e-bc92-8a23cda6715eThank you to Planet Camping for this amazing Robot sleeping bag…This boy is living the dream!

NB: We were sent this sleeping bag in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and pictures are my own! 


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  1. January 28, 2017 / 11:40 pm

    Choosing a sleeping bag is always hard for me and my beloved daughter since we both love to have ones on our camping trip. The color must be pink and the material should be durable, waterproof also. Looking forward to your next review on these kinds of outdoor gears. Thanks for sharing this and please keep it up.

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