Clothing Tips For Kids

Shopping for, and styling your kids is such a fun part of parenting. However, for many parents, browsing the Children’s clothing department can be confusing or stressful (especially with the kids in tow!). The basic principle and goal of shopping for kids clothing is relatively easy and for me I approach it simply as – keep it practical, fun, budget friendly and age appropriate!

When styling our kids we may aire on the side of caution and play it safe or maybe we are completely set in what our kids wear and the style we go for? There are always the occasions when no matter what we buy or plan to dress them in, they just want to dress themselves or end up filthy in seconds! Either way, I am sure we all have those pictures we look back on and laugh at what our kids were wearing – the pictures we know that will make them cringe when they are older. And so, to lessen the cringe factor and help you out when styling your kids, here are a few things to consider when shopping for kids. 

Pay Attention to Color

Kids in colourful clothing always look so fun and it helps keep their look age appropriate. The color of a clothing item is usually the attribute that grabs our attention the most and a combination outfit, with a range of colors complementing each other, can give the impression of a very thoughtful and stylish choice. 

A wardrobe of colourful clothes can also be useful in creating a capsule wardrobe for your kids and help keep their clothing minimal and interchangeable, whilst still being stylish and fun.

Bright and Flashy Clothes are Great for the Winter Season

Winter is a time when many people are fortunate enough to have snow and be surrounded by the picture perfect Winter Wonderlands. It is a special time of year and a season kids really want to be out on adventures outdoors. Choosing bright and eye-catching attire through their coats, jackets, sweaters and even leggings and joggers, will not only be practical for the weather, but can help you more easily find your kids quickly amid the hills of white and frosty parks.

Bright and eye catching clothing on kids in the Winter, brightens any family picture and day out – it is age appropriate and looks so happy! 

Listen to Your Kids 

Allowing kids to choose their own clothing can seem a little scary I know, and for parents it is common for us to assume that we know what styles of clothing our children need best. For so long we have imagined styling and dressing our little humans and as a result take a lot of pride in what we will pick out for them and buy each season. With young children this is obviously natural as they don’t have much to say on the matter and haven’t developed a fashion sense yet either. Listening to your older children’s feedback can help you learn more about the suitability of the clothes in aspects other than appearance – how warm the clothing is, whether the materials are comfortable or itchy, and if the clothes are too tight/loose in some areas. These are things that you may not notice when looking at your child in the outfit, but listening to them will be very important in helping you make the most informed decision.

Some of the best fun I have had is taking Ethan and Megan out clothes shopping, seeing what they are drawn to and seeing how excited they are to choose the things they will spend their days wearing.

Try to Avoid Repeating Patterns or playing It Safe

Every one of us has our preferences when it comes to clothing types, styles, and materials and, we tend to buy more of the clothes that match as many of our preferences as possible. While it is only logical to buy the items you like, some of us tend to get caught up in repetitive patterns of buying very similar things and clothing every season and this also extends to how we dress our children. Adding variety to your children’s clothing and outfits and being a little more experimental will not only give your child a chance to explore new styles, but give you a chance to make the children’s’ outfits more personal to them – especially if they start sharing their thoughts.

Dressing and styling kids is fun and these are just a few tips that we hope will help you and your children in style choices for the seasons to come.

*Collaborative guest post


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