A Special Gift for my Mother

I think since announcing being pregnant again earlier this year was such a shock and pleasant surprise for my mum, I could have quite easily gotten away this mothers day with saying that was her gift… hello new grand-baby this summer, what more could she hope for! But instead I decided to put together something rather special with SnapFish, that I have wanted to do for a long time… A photo book of her family now, from the past and specifically her Dads Ancestry.
I chose to use SnapFish again as their service at Christmas was absolutely brilliant and I wanted to test out some of their other photo gifts that they offer, and so I went with an 11×8 hard back photo book and got to work uploading in chronological order, the pictures I had obtained from my Aunt.
WP_20160302_18_12_36_ProIt only took an hour or so to create as the site is very straight forward to use and it was with me in less than a week once I’d closed the order… so it was more than enough time to get it wrapped up for mum and give to her before the big day as we are heading off on mothers day. It was to snapfish’s usual high standard and just looked lovely as a unique and personal Mothers Day gift.
WP_20160302_18_13_04_ProWP_20160302_18_13_25_ProWhen I gave it to her she was in shock, but loved it! It was so unexpected for her and there were Pictures she hadn’t seen before that were fascinating to behold and peoples faces she’d want to remember and preserve… it was certainly a treasure to her and a gift that was very valuable.
InstagramCapture_c7489cf9-be11-47ae-9664-3fbb488ce311This photo book was different to your average (though average are lovely too) and it really made her mothers day. I remember years ago taking a half term holiday to meet my great aunts and uncles and to see where my mum grew up and came from, I have remembered since then her desire to know of her ancestors and to preserve her family history and this gift did just that and for me it was lovely to spend the afternoon with my aunt, eating chips and looking at where I have come from too. It was fascinating to hold old pictures of great great grandparents and hear stories and then capture them to live on for a long time yet and to be able to preserve for my mum to look at and have now and for our family to treasure in the future!
WP_20160303_10_41_04_ProWhy not get your Mum something a little different this year, something less commercial and something that captures memories…SnapFish can do it all if you have the ideas.

Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with SnapFish

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  1. March 5, 2016 / 7:01 pm

    Mary this is such a wonderful present for your mum. You are so thoughtful. I love photo books and used to do lots of them when the kids were little. I really should get round to doing some more now they are older. I love Snapfish too, so easy to use and they are really good value x

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