20 Second Showdown – My new favourite game!

Let’s just address (and get over) the fact that from now on and, going forward over these next few weeks, I am most likely going to be dropping “Christmas” into the things I share and write about. It is very much on the horizon, and I hope that by sharing ideas of gifts, experiences or bargains that we discover and enjoy, it might give you ideas too and possibly alleviate the stress of trying to find things for your friends and families that will bring fun and joy!

That being said, we have no time to lose on this one, so let me introduce to you my new favourite game – 20 Second Showdown. It is another fantastic creation from Indie board game company “Big Potato Games” (who we previously reviewed from in the Summer) and it is most definitely one of those gems you need to be aware of this christmas. It is a fast paced, but very easy game to play and brings the kind of laughter that is accompanied by aching sides and tears. Nathan, myself and all of my family thoroughly enjoyed playing it recently, a

nd I just know it will be a winner with your friends and family too if you like a good laugh together.

20 Second Showdown

Suitable for 10+ and playable in groups of 5 to 20 people, 20 Second showdown it is a fast and frantic challenge game; full of silliness, laughter and some good old fun. We played it with my family last weekend when they came for dinner and we were all in stitches and LOVED it! It got a little mad (and slightly annoying) when we let the kids join in with us, and for this reason we now know why it is 10+, but when it was just the adults, it was fast paced, incredibly humorous and the right level of competitiveness without having to wait for the kids to figure it out!

You begin by getting into teams and the purpose is your team versus their team, in a fast and furious game of ridiculous challenges. The blue team flip the timer, read out your challenge and race to complete it as fast as possible. Once you’re done, you then flip the timer back over and read out a new challenge to put the other team in the hot seat. Basically the first team to run out of time, loses!

Some examples of challenges saw Nath having to kiss his reflection in the mirror and run in and slide on his knees like a rockstar – I couldn’t stop laughing and loved that this side of him came out in front of my family! My brother in law had to hold something between his top lip and nose and do the limbo and we saw my mum crawl under everyone’s legs in the team and try and solve maths problems! Others made sock puppets on their hands, make the highest noise they could whilst reading and knight all the team members. It was crazy, slightly awkward for some and yet ridiculously fun for us all.

We haven’t laughed so much in ages – In fact I struggled to capture good pictures for this post, for the very reason that it was so nuts, fast and funny! Most of my images from this evening were blurry as people ran, moved and were generally creased over laughing in the moment I tried to capture the action. But here are a couple to give you an idea…

I can’t wait to have friends over soon, so that they can play this brilliant game too – I just know we all have such a laugh seeing people pretend to be various things and test their singing, maths and balancing skills. We also plan on cracking it out the next time we get together with Nathan’s family too, because knowing them, it will be super competitive and really really funny. I love that it also enables big families like ours to all play together – its so much more memorable and fun when everyone can play.

20 second showdown is such great fun and the reason I love it so much is because of the joy and silliness it brings to the party! I love that everyone can get involved and people let their guard down, bringing out their silly side and just having fun. It is so funny and very easy to pick up and I generally just loved seeing everyone involved, having so much fun and laughing together. Even the kids had fun – especially when they came in and watched us play! We let them (even the 5 year olds) play for a while, which was chaotic but they were all loving it and laughing so much.

Yes, for sure this game is a keeper and one that I know will bring hours of fun and joy going forward. Thank you to Big Potato Games for gifting us this and introducing us to another gem that we can play with the kids, friends and family! We absolutely love it and keep talking about who we can invite to play it next!

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  1. October 22, 2019 / 6:54 pm

    This sounds like fantastic fun! It would be perfect to play on Christmas day when all the family is over x

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