Bye Bye Baby Bulge | January update

I decided to post my January update during this final week as me and the hubs are going to Prague (yahoooo) and for a healthy mind and enjoyable trip I don’t want to restrict myself from holiday treats and local delicacies, so I plan on eating not as great or strictly as I have been doing but also hope that with all of our walking and exploring it shouldn’t cause too many problems , of course I will still be healthy in my choices but I won’t be saying no to things I fancy!

So how have I been doing since I gained a few L.Bs over Christmas? Well I quit sugar and started Marathon training (half that is).
On the 5th of January myself and the hubs decided to quit sugar. I love sugary treats and have made no secret of that fact; doughnuts, chocolate, ice cream, cookies, I seriously love it all! But I knew deep down to rid the bulge and to fit into my spring / summer wardrobe it was necessary to get rid. And so we have been stricter with the clean eating and cut out refined sugar. Combined with this  my sister in law also suggested a 1/2 marathon for those in the family that were up for the challenge and so I decided why not… I am not the best runner but completed a 10k with little training, so if I can work my butt off I should (a) be able to complete it and (b) in an okay time and maybe, just maybe I might be able to raise a few quid for the hospice and/or Leeds Sands.
I have spent the last few weeks trying not to die as I get my body used to running reasonable distances, I have a 14week training plan and am currently running twice a week. I swapped my fitness and swim membership to gym and swim so whatever the weather I can run run run! I wish I was running more frequently and longer distances but my busy mum life and Asthma issues are making it nigh impossible!

The 1st week was the hardest with both, but the occasional apple slices with natural peanut butter have diminished my sugar cravings and now i’m pretty strong with that, I have only caved once – for a KitKat Chunky Peanut butter after our SANDS meeting (but I felt that that was justified) and the morning following my 1st 20min run I was in pain! My body is certainly getting used to it all and now I hope that come February my cardio vascular system can deal with a further distance and I can start clocking a couple more miles.

Here is my weight tracker since then – Just shy of a 7lb loss.. I cannot explain how mint this feels, how toned I am getting and how great I feel. At last I have broken through the 160 barrier and now in the 150 region – I CANNOT WAIT to see the difference another month will bring! AHHHHHHHH at this rate I will definitely reach my goal weight in my goal time – 140 by the end of March-  oooooooo fingers crossed!


And how I am looking from the pic that made me cringe to now :

WP_20150124_10_29_39_Pro (1)

I still have work to do on my arms and that sneaky “tire” region but I am feeling good and pleased with how I am looking these days (less wobbly)!

P.S Mr Smith has also lost 7lbs YAY

Did you have any weight loss or fitness goals this year? what are they and how are you getting on?

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