If you have a new baby in your family, whether as a parent, aunt or uncle, or grandparent, then coming up with gift ideas can be quite tricky. Let’s face it –  a newborn is far too young to appreciate the usual presents such as a train set, nerf gun, barbie or a dolls house, and really they wouldn’t exactly get any use to them anyway (at least not for a couple of years). The reality is, that they probably have… View Post

With us being away in Tuscany at the end of October/beginning of November, I missed doing our October family update. I really love reflecting back on the month and seeing what has happened in our little family and seeing what we have done. I enjoy capturing the family and seeing us change and grow throughout the year! Because so many lovely things happen for us both in October and November,… View Post

Whilst frosty fields, log fires and twinkly Christmas light are all very pretty and lovely, they are not enough to make me love Winter! I have realised this year that I don’t like feeling cold and damp. Whilst Winter holds many pretty scenes, delicious hot chocolates, adventures and Christmas – it is still is not my fave, and I would much rather be somewhere warm and sunny rocking my sandals… View Post

This week has felt all rather festive with the commencement of Christmas shopping and then a Christmas fair yesterday in the village, that saw me “elfing around” with a couple of other mum’s as we manned the Santa’s grotto on the PM shift! It has been a cold and wet week and I have suffered a little with my health, but for the first time since Poppy passed away, I… View Post