Buying an old house to renovate, either for a property business or purely to make into your “forever home” can be such an exciting project to take on. Old houses possess such character and charm, and interior design can be so varied within them – either embracing their age or taking risks with colour and style. Despite the charm and excitement of renovating an older house, they can also possess… View Post

It’s been a while since I shared anything on here regarding my own life after loss. Over the last few months I haven’t really felt a need to write anything as I have found that life has been ticking along quite nicely and I have felt more balanced than I have done in a long time. In some ways I suppose I have wanted to say just that and let… View Post

This last week has quite possibly been one of the busiest this year! I have, for the most part being running around like a nutter from here to there and trying to remember kids costumes, party clothes, food, plays and trying to complete blog work as well as a big college assignment too. I haven’t particularly felt out of control with any of it really and, whilst it all came… View Post

Nowadays our work and life balance can quickly become out of sync. With too many obligations, we can involuntary forget our loved ones and fail to spend enough quality time with them. Hanging with friends and family has for many become rare, and spending time in nature, away from technology would be quite the luxury for most. We forget how relaxing and pleasant socializing can be and how invigorating to the soul… View Post