Who would have thought that a diaphragm could cause so many problems? Well little madam Smiths certainly has! When we were first diagnosed with CHD back at 2o weeks the cardiologist thought she saw a ‘Diaphragmatic hernia’ that was causing babies heart to be pushed to the right and stomach in the left side of the chest. The end result with this and severe CHD was a baby that would… View Post

This November is the big ‘3-0’ for me!I love birthdays…for me they should be ‘birth-weeks’ because I really do try to stretch it out for at least a week of celebrating! But this one does make me slightly nervous, I don’t know why, probs because im getting old!!! But with today being the 30th I am reminded that it is fast approaching. On my 29th I had this mad panic… View Post

Nathan and I were blessed this week with 2 new beautiful twin nieces; ‘Eila and Ava’. Not for the first time mind you, as just last year his sister too had identical twin girls…2 sets in less than a year…how fabulous! Today we headed to Lancashire to pay them all a visit. Unfortunately they were STILL waiting to be discharged and so after dropping the kids with my parents at… View Post

If i’m being honest I would say I was NOT looking forward to this week at all. It was Jam packed with hospital visits to various departments. This is how my week looked: MONDAY AM – GTT (Again, id already had it at 18weeks) Dewsbury Hospital MONDAY PM -MRI , ST James’ Hospital (looking for CDH) WEDS AM – Cardiac scan, LGI THURS AM – 28 week check with midwife… View Post