In life we will always go through periods that are tough, that bring us down, that are unexpected and, well basically completely suck! Most of the time, like what we are going through currently, they are thrown up on us without any prior warning, they come at us like a great big slap round the face…and that hurts!!!! In my short life of almost 30 yrs I have learnt that… View Post

Life is feeling good. We are happy…all because of a not so little home improvement! Its amazing the effect your environment can have on your mood! I recently read a quote on Pinterest that said: “Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections” Life is NO WHERE near perfect, our home is no where near perfect but making changes has… View Post

This week has been focused on DIY – ┬ásomething both Nath and I aren’t that great at. The house is in need of a “spruce” but as if we have the energy and focus with all of our baby dramas. Living in a back to back our lounge is also our hall and dining, with cream carpet and 2 kids you don’t need a big imagination to realise its not… View Post

After the devo meeting we had had on Tuesday I woke up Wednesday and just felt it wasn’t right. Life is for living, not left to die “comfortably” without doing anything as they were suggesting. We are very religious and believe in the sanctity of life. We know God is the one that gives and takes life and by not even trying to sustain her life or assist her fight… View Post