“wock climbing is fun…i yuv wock climbing” Megan gleefully shouted as she effortlessly climbed to the top of the kids wall. She was so fast I had to leg it over to spot her and then try to stop her from falling off as she learn’t dancing and rock climbing don’t mix! Rock climbing was an activity we used to do regularly and absolutely loved. It began last Winter… View Post

Since being married we have always used valentines as an opportunity to go away together for the night. We rarely do this on the actual day, infact I think one year it was mid March by the time we “celebrated valentines”, but we always get a card  and some inexpensive chocs for one another with a cheesy message. Last year it was peanut M&Ms for Mr Smith with a “I’m… View Post

When I first started my blog I wanted it to not only be a place to share our families adventures and battles but also a place that could educate, raise awareness and hopefully help others that are unfortunate to have to go through these things too. I love to write about our lives, the ups and downs, I love to share every part of life that makes it what it… View Post

One of the things we find most difficult about Nath being a student is our low income! We love the flexibility of life, we love the investment for the future and I know Nath loves learning but occasionally we just want a bit more dough in the bank (who doesn’t)! Don’t get me wrong, we are very independent financially and have lovely things, rarely miss out on things, eat great… View Post