When your child is born its a massive build up in each stage…you can’t wait til they’re in a routine, weaning, talking, walking, potty trained… As much as I have tried to enjoy each phase of my kids life I also have being guilty of being overly excited for the next to come along. Before I realised it, here I am with a 4 year old and almost 3 year… View Post

We bought our house about 4.5 years ago – we live in a 3 bed back to back terrace which is nothing glam but we’re south facing, have a reasonable sized garden, big rooms and its OURS! Of course I would love nothing more than to have a hallway and dining room but its a sacrifice you make for your hubs to study and to invest in the future. We both… View Post

Crayons, Biro, felt tips, paint and permanent marker – We’ve had it all in various places around the house on doors and walls. Unfortunately so have some other members of the family members; Grandma found lots of Biro and one Aunts home was destroyed with mascara!!! I know exactly which one of them has done what by the style…Meg’s being 2 its scribble central and Ethan usually does an “X… View Post

Yesterday was so much fun as a few of us went to Filey with the kids for a walk on the beach, rock pooling, paddling, ice-cream eating and some cheeky chips – it was brilliant. Nathan had gone out with his dad and brothers for the day and we to the beach and then met up back at home around 9ish!!! I feel wrecked as this whole weekend has been… View Post