Yesterday morning , like many of you I’m sure, my Facebook and twitter news feeds were full of Election stuff! PHEW I thought and what a relief it was.  I’m not hugely into politics  but do take an interest with the hubs in current affairs and will ever be grateful for the sacrifices that made women’s votes possible. I definitely think that its important we all have our say and… View Post

I was extremely grateful to Mr Smith this weekend for being a sport and having the kids ALL day so that I could attend my 1st blogging conference (because its not like I do it every day or anything). The 3 of them had a lovely day trashing the house, avoiding chores, swimming, movies and a big fat nap, whilst I had fun and wore myself out meeting other bloggers,… View Post

Ethan has a new buddy! He goes by the name of “Mr Stretchy” and is not only great companionship for little E but is also teaching him the difference between metal and non metal surfaces. You see “Mr Stretchy” with his brilliantly blue hairdo (which has now made E want to dye his blue “when I’m an adult”) has magnetic hands and feet and of course a springy/stretchy body! He has… View Post

Megs is the second child and so hasn’t had a lot of opportunity to have me to herself. As a tot we had Thursdays & Fridays together whilst E went to preschool and would have lunch out one day, swimming, shopping, peppa pig sessions or she would have a nap and I would clean/chill out (Get in) I don’t really feel bad about it or that we’ve missed anything, she’s… View Post