Going to church every Sunday is a very ordinary part of our lives, it has been since as long as I can remember and something important to both Nathan and I with our own little family. I love to get the kids dressed in their smart clothes, hear them pray, sing songs and talk about Jesus, heaven and all the other things we / church teaches them. Some weeks it… View Post

I like to think of myself as a bargain hunter, however this can sometimes is interpreted as tight or even cheap. Whenever it comes to spending money, especially on birthdays and Christmas’ I have to know I am getting the best deal, as we often have a rather tight budget. SO yes I like things cheap but I wouldn’t say I was cheap, nor am I tight, I just hate… View Post

You may have or may not have heard of the charity SANDS?? I write about them here occasionally as they have become a rock for us. They are the charity that are working to reduce the rate of “stillbirth and Neonatal death” and helping families affected by it. Anyone who has had to live the nightmare of loosing their precious baby will have probably received one of their bereavement packs; full… View Post

Whilst we absolutely love to travel, see the sights of the world, have adventures and soak some rays in a foreign land, we’re not really those people that “live for the holidays”! You know working to mainly go on holiday after holiday and counting down to the next one the day they get back? Yeah its just not us. We do work hard and save for holidays but its not… View Post