If you are a regular reader here you will be aware that a couple of weeks ago I featured Jessica on here sharing her Stillbirth story of Baby Quinn. I wanted so much this month to help raise awareness for SANDS by having guest bloggers on here who were willing to share the emotional journey of loosing a baby. I hoped it would not only give further insight into our… View Post

Megan has now been 3 for 2 weeks and is well and truly loving it. She currently is full of attitude (some old, some new), loves being a diva, doing crafts, anything to do with Princesses and animals (especially Rabbits, dogs, cats and creatures) swimming and all things ballet. We’re still having the occasional accident with toileting but its mostly high fives and smiles. She likes to snuggle, speak her… View Post

Last week we had a thoroughly enjoyable ‘vaca’ for our “summer holiday” at Lake Garda and surrounding cities in Northern Italy. We had a base at Altomincio in a Eurocamp caravan which I picked up for a bargain and which was a lot of fun and turned out to be a great place for all. I cannot believe how fast this last week has gone, we returned home from Italy… View Post

I have been dreading this date for a few weeks now, I realised it was coming just before our last Sands meeting when I quickly calculated how long it has been for us should there (heaven forbid) be new faces. It was at that moment I realised in a few weeks she would have been dead longer than she was ever alive…and that hurt. A LOT. I remember reaching 9months with… View Post