Sunday marked 11 months since loosing Poppy and it has been an awful few days. I felt like I was on this upward road…climbing out of the fogs of grief, seeing the brightness in the world again, but then the realisation of whats to come over the next few months caused me to trip up again. 11 months is quite a long time for some scenarios, but I realise more… View Post

Some of my ordinary moments right now aren’t always the heart warming precious ones that I like to write about or even read about on other blogs. They’re not the ones that you’d necessarily look back on in life and remember with fondness, but they are Ordinary moments all the same and I share this one with you because life isn’t always plain sailing, and what you see on the… View Post

Hull seems to have a bit of a rep for not really being the most exciting/happening place to visit. I find it okay, ive spent a fair few days there as a teen shopping with friends and on dates. The odd day out with the kids to the deep or the museums, but its never on the top of my list of places to visit, especially when there are so… View Post

One of Ethan’s favourite things to do at pre school was “Junk modelling”, I never saw the things he made but often heard about what an amazing activity it was for him to be involved in and how much he loved it. Since he broke up for the summer he has periodically asked if I would use the recycling to help him make a robot…I wanted to, but to be… View Post