On Saturday we were invited for a family day out to Knowsley Safari park and the kids were just going crazy over it all week…they are both great animal lovers and Megs couldn’t believe that real monkey’s would be climbing on her car and E that we would be Sooooo close to a scary lion! Whilst we have been together most weekends as a family it has been absolutely nuts… View Post

I have been thinking a lot recently and reflecting on what grief is and what it isn’t. Of course this means that I have researched so many posts and quotes on Pinterest, but from day 1 I have wanted to be assured that however I felt it was okay and whatever pains and behaviours were a part of my life that it was normal. I wanted to be sure that… View Post

This week has seen a major milestone in our 1st born’s life – he can ride his bike without stabilisers and we couldn’t be prouder! For a couple of months he has gone on and on (and on some more) about wanting a bike. “The bike wouldn’t have stabilisers” he said because he “is a big boy”! And so after filling a sticker chart, and granddad having a hand-me-down from… View Post

On Saturday Ethan and Megsies bestie (its the same person, sometimes gets heated) had a little party in celebration of her turning 5. To be fair she has been Ethans pal since they were 1, but we were lucky that Megs too seemed to click with her and as Ethan and Megs get on wonderfully it just works and so usually anything she has they come as a pair and… View Post