I thought I knew Ethan pretty well… until Friday, when I met up in Harrogate with a lovely girl that I have known a few years but not really hung out with properly. She has 3 boys who are 8, 6 & 2 and Ethan loved it (as did Megs and I).  Ethan is the oldest out of the kids on Nath’s side and also the 2nd oldest on mine. He… View Post

When I first found out that Poppy had died I knew there would be pain and sorrow, but misunderstood the amount of pain  and sorrow that would come. I also naively thought that after a period of time that I would wake up one day and be healed…because of course time is a healer, right? Wrong, healing isn’t a one time event, but rather I have come to see that… View Post

This year is, of course, the year we hit all of the 1sts…1st mothers day, fathers day, birthday, due date, death date, scan dates, test dates all of the baby that never came home. They say the first year, the first time you experience these significant dates and events with out the one you have lost are the hardest…the most painful, the most anxiously anticipated. Most of your energy is… View Post

We are not gardeners, far from it. We have no idea of plant names, seasons they grow, what looks good together or how to care for them. We managed one year to grow corriander and lettuce but that was all and our flower knowledge is very limited! We barely manage to keep the hedges we do have trimmed back and lawn manicured, and whilst I have this new love of… View Post