There are so many places around Yorkshire that the kids and I have been to and had the most wonderful days out and fun at, either just the 3 of us or with friends and cousins. I do feel a bit bad for Nath sometimes, never really having the opportunity to do all the fun things we do as he sits at his desk earning the dough so we can,… View Post

Last week I wrote a whole post about the kids going to school and the changes taking place for them in September. The visit we had was great and felt good, things seemed to be going so well…all feeling so right and natural, everything was coming together. But do you ever have moments in your life when things are going along swimmingly…you make plans, set the ball in motion and… View Post

On Monday when I collected Ethan from preschool I had one of those “blast from the past” type moments when he enthusiastically pulled out a grass head he had spent the morning making in the art room. He was SO SO happy and excited to show me it and I was loving seeing it…he really had done an amazing job and seeing it took me back to my school days… View Post

One of my most vivid childhood memories comes from a school trip I took to the Imperial war museum when I was like 9 or 10 or something (definitely towards the end of primary school). It was the best day of my life (or so I thought at the time). My favourite part was a blitz experience we took part in. I distinctly remember the emotions I felt, the smells,… View Post